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thmpi (1 year ago) #20225865hi Tia
thank you for the message - its great to know that there are older collectors out there - i feel a bit out of place here at times. i started collecting comic figures and still do but the anime figures kept catching my eye as they were such beautiful figures. I love them now and have the usual space issues and no sign of slowing.
And in NZ it is very easy to buy figures you just have to buy direct from amiami or nippon yasan which is not a problem. In fact its too easy !!. The only downside is that there is no resale market so i keep all mine.
I started off with kotobukiya bishoujos and then moved onto collecting figures in kimono/yukata's and now buy figures purely on their artistic and beauty value.
anyway i will probably bump into you in the comments sections :)

Thanks for the reply back. I loved the comment that it was too easy to get figurines. Made me laugh. When I started I was the same way It took me a while to figure out the niche I was looking to branch into. Reason that my collection only has one Nendoroid and one figma.

As I said your collection does resemble mine at least in some parts. Resale is not somewhere I want to go either with my collection I could sell some but honestly with the amount of issues people have selling and people putting in claims I am not sure I want to go through that.

Kind of wish I was was in NZ as I have been craving a nice Sheep meal for a long time but it's so expensive here and it is one that I do not buy even when on sale, it's still too expensive. Now beef shrimp lobster chicken no issues. LOL

Worst is I love to cook. and lamb on a spit is sooo good. Getting side tracked here can you tell I am hungry while writing this post?

= )

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Hello there and thanks for the hi you sent. I hope that you have been enjoying MFC as much as I have. I really went off the deep end when I started up on Blogs. You mentioned we were close to the same age which is cool. I get along with pretty much any collector out there. New Zeland must be beautiful. Lots of hills from what I hear but beautiful. It also must not be easy to get your hands on Anime goods.

Please feel free to drop in and chat anytime.

= )

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Welcome to the board thmpi! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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