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Hi! My name's Meli. I've been collecting casually
for about 4 years now.

My passion for the past few years has been Idolm@ster, particularly Cinderella Girls (although I enjoy all my idols). I had the pleasure of seeing CG live at Anime Expo 2017 and that really just reconfirmed my love for the series.

My other favorite series include gochiusa, kancolle, k-on, touhou, vocaloid, kodomo no jikan, love live, little busters, etc. I like to have a lot of variety in my collection while still making an ever growing shrine for Anzu. (´ε` )♡ Currently addicted to nendoroids and pretty scales.

Feel free to send a FR if we share similar interests!

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gift nendoroid_plus good_smile_company banpresto cospa comiket ichiban_kuji phat_company ensky rubber_strap rubber_keychain keyholder bandai_namco_entertainment_inc. kyun-chara_illustrations idolm@ster_c...cospa ensky rubber_strap rubber_keychain idolm@ster_cinderella_girls futaba_anzu idolm@ster_cinderella_girls_-_rubber_strap_[cute] tsumamarecospa rubber_keychain idolm@ster_cinderella_girls futaba_anzu tsumamarefigma nendoroid_petit kotobukiya max_factory good_smile_company cospa phat_company nendoron asai_(apsy)_masaki ensky kaiya_hajime rubber_strap rubber_keychain hide sai knead_k@z idolm@ster_cinderella_gir...

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