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Hello! My name is Angel. I'm a twenty-six-year-old demigirl with a huge passion for animanga, figurines, and cosplaying! The local conventions I attend are Kumoricon, Sakura-con, and I try to make it to Fanime whenever I can. I've been cosplaying since April of 2010, and I've been working to improve my skills and become more frequent as a cosplayer. That's my preferred way of expressing myself, especially expressing my love for a particular character or series. I've been collecting trading figures for a while, but I started seriously collecting figures March 2013 when I bought my first figurine, Madoka Kaname by Banpresto at Sakura-con 2013. I'm a mocha-loving fanatic, so I'm usually found with coffee in my hand every day!

Aside from being a cosplayer and collector, I spend the rest of my free time daydreaming as fujoshis tend to do. *//q///* There isn't a genre of anime I do not enjoy, and I seem to be ability to appreciate every aspect of the media. The only common thing with me watching anime is the multitude of pairings I fantasize while watching anime or reading manga, aha.
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


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Black Butler, Kuroko no Basuke, Hetalia, Naruto -- I watch so many things, and really get into so many things.
SWITCH, Afterschool Charisma, 07-GHOST -- again, I read a lot of manga aha.
Sly Cooper series, Animal Crossing series, The Legend of Zelda series, Pokemon series, Tales of series, and Disgaea series.
My iPod is made up of random pop-y songs, anime ops/eds/osts, and lots of fan soundtracks.


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