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Hi there fellow Figure Collectors! :)

I've been collecting for about 3-4 years now. In my first 2 or so years I didn't buy really much. That just started happening at the end of 2016 or so, when I made my first preorders instead of buying just released stuff. Now I'm caught in this figure hell... uuuh, heaven! Lol.

My very first figure, which I still love lots was GSC Lucy. ITEM #117970
I also remember my second one, which was OChibi! ITEM #132711
The third was Aladdin. ITEM #149554
I still own all 3 of these beautiful figures and love them, and they'll never be for sale. x)

Besides figures, I obviously like Anime and Manga.
As well as playing videogames! ^^

I also enjoy drawing, even though I don't do it often anymore.
And even if I'm not good at it, I do also write stories, but only for my OCs, which I have a ton of, lol.

If you have any more questions just PM me. :)
The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones
Manga, Manga, Manga
Final Fantasy series, Tales of series, Uncharted series, The Last of Us, and more
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Animal ears and tails



Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Ahhh what?! You're so frugal, Ziegechen :/

Ahh! Chimpanzees?! Those things are scary! :O I know it sounds cliche, but I find them too similar to us, so I have to ding points from them. It's an unfair bias, I know.

Bombays are not only cute, they're also really sociable. I'm not lying when I say, they are like dogs in a cat's body. Only thing is, she's very "talkative" and likes to meow a lot.

Speaking of pets, I'm still deciding on getting a rabbit. I have my eye on a white and orange Holland Lop. Those things are just- *faints* cute
10 hours ago
Haha I see :D

Keep up the great work!! I will be sure to give them a read!
2 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I found it!


This here is one hungry goat-goat-goat-goat hyup!
2 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
No, its a short. It's easy on Looney Tunes. If I can I'll link it to you.

Monkeys are also hit and miss. I think orangutans, howler monkeys and silver back gorillas are beautiful creatures.

Cats, I like enough. I'm more of a dog person but I have a cat myself. She's a female Bombay named Olivia haha she's my mini panther.

Glad to see an animal person here on EM-EF-SEE.

Oh? That's how much she costs? Well, I'll give you this dollar as down payment and pay the rest next Tuesday. Is that okay? xD
2 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight

This is a conversation about your, uhm, fascination with goats haha You're unique. I've never heard anyone gush about goats before. I admit, baby goats are cute but adults? Not really imo

This makes me think of a short on Looney Tunes. A wolf I think was given a baby goats and tries to take care of it. The whole thing is about how much the kid eats lol It's funny. You shoul check it out sometime, Fraulein.

Btw, I'd buy that GSC Lucy for a dollar!
2 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
In Wyoming, there's actually more cows than people. I'm not kidding you lol

There's about 530,000 people in that state. That's a lot of cows. And no, they not pets okay? Haha
3 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Actually, I've been there! It was a wonderful place. A good night life depending on in which city, warm locals if you're respectful, beautiful wild life and the landscape is breathtaking. You'd think you were in a science fiction movie. But nope! Just Zimbabwe!

Austria has 8 million people? Still bigger than Wyoming haha
3 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Oh my God! Finally someone says it! "Yeah, that's not a real place." I wanted to do something like China,Illinois, a show on Adult Swim. I took a country and an American city and I stuck with that. Wisconsin was the first state I lived in when I moves here and Zimbabwe was a beautiful place.

Though maybe people already know it's fake and just don't bother to tell me lol

Hey Austria isn't that small. Portugal, now THAT'S small haha
3 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Actually, I'm from America, not Zimbabwe. That one is an inside joke.

You're from Austria? Wow. I'm on a roll. I've been conversing with a lot of German speakers on MFC lately haha
3 days ago
Hehe you seems to be on a roll on writting those reviews :D

That's already 5 ever since we talked about Rin and about Idols.

Are you planning to write for all the Love Live! girls (Birthday Figure) ?
3 days ago



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