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Hi there fellow Figure Collectors! :)

I've been collecting for about 3-4 years now. In my first 2 or so years I didn't buy really much. That just started happening at the end of 2016 or so, when I made my first preorders instead of buying just released stuff. Now I'm caught in this figure hell... uuuh, heaven! Lol.

My very first figure, which I still love lots was GSC Lucy. ITEM #117970
I also remember my second one, which was OChibi! ITEM #132711
The third was Aladdin. ITEM #149554
I still own all 3 of these beautiful figures and love them, and they'll never be for sale. x)

Besides figures, I obviously like Anime and Manga.
As well as playing videogames! ^^

I also enjoy drawing, even though I don't do it often anymore.
And even if I'm not good at it, I do also write stories, but only for my OCs, which I have a ton of, lol.

In the last couple of months I started doing reviews. They might not be super great, but I try to make them better with every new one. ^^
View spoilerHide spoilerThese are reviews I did so far~

Love Live! Birthday Figures by Stronger
Maki BLOG #39448
Kotori BLOG #39446
Nozomi BLOG #39499
Rin BLOG #39497
Hanayo BLOG #39496
Umi BLOG #39500
Eli BLOG #39495
Honoka BLOG #39501
Nico BLOG #39474

Shibuya Rin by Aquamarine BLOG #39447

Kirisaki Chitoge by Alter BLOG #39498

Tamamo no Mae by Flare BLOG #39449

Kanzaki Ranko by Alter BLOG #39508

Pierre by Kotobukiya BLOG #39974

Sagisawa Fumika by Alter BLOG #39502

Fairy Daisy by Kotobukiya BLOG #40275

Hoshizora Rin by Alter BLOG #40228

Koizumi Hanayo by Alter BLOG #40229

And here are all the Loot blogs I made so far. :3
View spoilerHide spoilerMay 2018 BLOG #39857

April 2018 BLOG #39362

March 2018 BLOG #39361

January + February 2018 BLOG #39280

October-December 2017 BLOG #39276

If you have any more questions just PM me. :)
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Ohhh? You're a fan of Saber 2.0?
Shes one of the best Figmas out there imo.

Also, yeah! Hapsburg Castle. It was in their gift shop.
2 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
A lot of people seem to be rooting for Croatia. I don't blame them. They're currently the underdogs. It's usually the Western European nation or a Latin country

I sent you Saber 2.0 and 1/12 scale of Hapsburg castle
7 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I'm pretty sure it's a he :P

Are you expecting any packages? I sent you something.
12 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Oh yeah? How come he hates him?

*sigh* Brazil... Brazil.

Man, those clowns got lucky that the ref was covering for them or someone would have gotten hurt. Or at least a penalty. That smug Neymar lol Practical, sly, but annoying.
17 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Oh, I see. I only watch my teams lol

Poor Germany went out like a punk! For the first time, they didnt even make it to Quarter finals, lost 0-2 against S. Korea, AND were the champions last Cup. Mein gotte...

I hope Mexico wins too haha
18 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
You sound very hesitant about it.

But but but but Austria-Hungary master race :O

But but but Hapsburg Empire! :O

Nah, just kidding.

Damn, Spain was defeated by Russia 3-4. Right now, Denmark and Croatia are tied 1-1. It's... hard to watch when it's not your team lol but Croatia is putting up a good fight.

One of my teams, Argentina, was beaten by France, sending them home. Man, it's just. It their year :( They were really close in 2014 with Germany. Another one, Portugal, was bested by Uruguay *sob* I hope Mexico pulls through against Brazil on Tuesday.

I know you love football so, here's Val, with her daily foot news lol

Have you been watching any new anime lately? Nothing has caught my interest so far. I'm looking some of the less popular ones. Right now, a Nordic themed one has caught my attention. It's very grounded and had a fairly gritty presentation. A very nice change of pace after rewatching Kill La Kill and My Hero Academy.
18 days ago
Heya :D your inbox is full so I can't reply to your message directly, but the figure arrived safe and sound late last week :) thank you so much!
20 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
You cant cook, dont want to mother, and you dont know what that gyspure is?

What kind of Austrian woman are you? :O just kidding.

The gesztenye is a Hungarian desert made of pureed chestnuts. Sounds good actually.

View spoilerHide spoilerI hope this isn't personal but are you more career driven?
25 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I see. Not the motherly type, are you?

Yes, Ziegechen, I'd like a plate of mashed potatoes with gravy and butter please.

With a side of Schweinshaxe and gesztenyepure for dessert, bitte.

25 days ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Mash potaytus!!
26 days ago
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