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Happy Birthday! ^^
10 years ago
Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
10 years ago
towardneverlandThanks man! I have some more but I'll have to add them myself since I can't find them on here.. XD

A while ago I added A LOT of monster gallery figures. I thought I got m all. Here's an overview: sdb.php?sort=na.... There are still many DQ figures from other collections though that have not yet been added to the DB. Let me know if you need any help searching/adding figures.
10 years ago
w00t! Dragon quest monster gallery figures! You are one of the very few here who has any of m. Nice job!
10 years ago
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Welcome to MyFigureCollection, towardneverland! :D

And, I hope our collections grow more and more while we're here and I'll see you around, okay? Take care! ♥
10 years ago
Welcome to MFC!! I hope you enjoy your stay :D
10 years ago
Hi! Welcome to MyFigureCollection!
Have a great time here!! :3 ~
10 years ago
towardneverlandMe and a friend just got into it a lot recently... XD I love it! I am a new collector of it though, so I don't have much. But I want to get more, especially the really nice Myth Cloths. And really? It seems popular to collect, maybe just not so much on this site, haha...

You have lots of cute figures yourself! I especially love the ones of Black Rock Shooter, I've seen the character around a lot and she has a really neat design and lots of nice figures. Don't know wanything about her but ^_^

Well.. i see then... @_@

Ah.. sankyuu~ x3
Yup2.. you're right.. that's why i like BRS~ ><

Well.. anyway.. hope your collections grow more larger... take care for now~ ;)
10 years ago
towardneverlandAww, thanks :3

No probs~ Well.. I see that you're a big fan of Saint seiya eh?
I watch that a long time ago.. @_@
It's kinda rare to see Saint Seiya collectors.. if i'm not wrong.. x3
Glad I found 1 of them.. xD
10 years ago
Welcome to the MFC board~!
Hope you enjoy your stay here~ x3
10 years ago
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