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Status: semi-hiatus
I've more or less quit figure collecting. I rarely stay with a fandom for long because of my fickleness, which combined with rising figure prices, is a recipe of disaster.

Still got my hopes up for a full set of IDOLiSH7 scales though

For now, I'm pretty entertained by collecting merch like plushes, rubber straps, shikishi, etc :D
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velvetprayer (2 years ago) #5893736
View spoilerHide spoilerI don't mind, feel free to use the gif! Btw here's the original gif before I cropped it 49.media.tumblr...(Credits to digitamers.tumblr.com)
I just realised I'm subscribed to tri on mfc so I might have forgotten about the tri Figuarts figures. Good thing you reminded me about them. But yeah, they look average. Very little details and flat colouring :/ Gonna keep my fingers crossed for better figures. Koto is starting on scale figures for Pokemon so I'm hoping something similar happens for tri xD
Yessss the popular ones are all so good!! Ib and Corpse Party get a full 10/10 from me. I haven't tried the Corpse Party sequels. They sound more like remakes so I didn't bother playing. And I gave up on Misao and Mad Father halfway because it got too scary for me :'D Ended up watching their gameplay videos on youtube. I'm currently halfway through Yume Nikki. Some parts are so trippy(ΟΔΟ;;)

Thanks! owo
You're welcome! I think it's easy to forget about them because most of us WANT to, ahaha. I mean, it's kinda worrying these are the first and perhaps only tri. figures we'll get :( But as well as MH's line sells right now I'm sure they'll make a move. The next movie will focus on Mimi (and Jou) and as she's quite popular and bishoujo I'd say it's a perfect opportunity!
Ah, unfortunately, the entire Digimon franchise is owned by Bandai, and I mean back to very roots of the V-Pets. Much worse than with Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball, haha. So I'm afraid the chances of other companies than Bandai or MH is very close to zero :/

Corpse Party had some cliché animu shit that I really didn't approve (sister complex, panty shots...) and even with all the stuff that amazed me (I love gore and the story unraveled nicely and intensely) that made it barely on my fav list, but as it's fairly different to the other ones we talked about it sometimes I don't even like to compare them :) You do know Majo no Ie/The Witch's House right? That was by far the scariest one for me haha. I almost couldn't bare to finish the Let's Play of it and when I played it together with a friend a few months later I was covering myself in pillows, which was really funny bc he was quite okay with it despite the one who knew the game was the terrified me xD
I think Mad Father is a great and scary game, but the story didn't catch me as much. Much different to Misao; I LOVE everything about that game! And I really love Yume Nikki too. I've only seen one run-through of it on YT but I'm sure I missed lots of events because this game has so many and sometimes they're randomized or just very hard to find, I think I've read on the wiki no one is really sure if they've seen them all o.o So I have it on my PC too and plan to play it anytime soon! owo

EDIT: I noticed you adore Clear, N, and Natsume too <3
2 years ago
velvetprayer (2 years ago) #5800349Hi! :D Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Was away from mfc for awhile. I found the original gif on tumblr and cropped it for my profile picture. Tri was so good, I actually got teary eyed when I heard the original songs. You have a nice collection of Digimon figures! Especially the 1/8 Megahouse figures of Hikaru, Angewomon, Takeru and Angemon. I had my eyes on those until I saw the price haha :'D So far I managed to avoid collecting Digimon figures but if there are figures announced for tri, I'm going to have a hard time saying no.
Ooh I noticed Ib on your profile too! I wish there were more figures of Ib, Garry, and Mary :<

Aww that's no problem at all! I'm just happy it wasn't a bother for you, I'm always afraid to be that to people :'D
Oooh! Well I saved it from your profile so thanks to you I now have it too, if that's alright with you? xD But really, thanks for doing that!
Yes I LOVED tri. too, sth I really didn't expect because I'm a huge Digimon fan ever since it first aired in my country. It was the first anime I had ever watched and my favorite ever since. So for me there was alot to live up to, yet I tried to stay open-minded for every piece of information we were getting before it aired, but I couldn't bring myself to like most of it. Esp those spoilers that leaked from WithTheWill, WOW those were out of context and made it sound bad, haha! Then I actually saw the movie and it blew me away by staying so truely to the original, habits like Yamato's cooking showed how much love they put into the characters and omg the music; not only the songs itself but the original background music too was blended in so nicely with some new tracks, it was really perfect ><

Thanks! My Digimon figures are actually my favorites of them all; I love the creativity and love for details MH puts into them, so if it's about the price I'd rather ditch any other figure xD Have you seen the Figuarts ITEM #360989 ? They don't look very good but I wasn't sure if you meant any tri. figures at all bc they technically already exist so I figured I'd tell you :) I just hope they continue their Adventure kid + Adult/Perfect Digimon line and give us at least the tri. ladies as Sekai Seifuku Sakusen :<

YES I noticed you like the RPG Maker Horror games too but I didn't want to spam you with everything right off the bait so I'm doing it now lol. I love all the "popular" ones like Majo no Ie, Yume Nikki, Misao, Mad Father, Corpse Party and The Crooked Man :)
Tbh I'm just happy there are some at all, considering Yume Nikki and Corpse Party, who I'd guess are even more popular (or at least better known) didn't get any, yet Ib, which is my favorite, did! <3 But I completely agree; Ib has so many iconic items that would make them perfect as Nendoroids or scales + creative pose/base! ;A;
2 years ago
Awhile ago, I was looking for exactly that gif everywhere and just couldn't find it. I nearly choked on my food right now that I saw something have it xD
Anyway, Hi! Mimi is sooo cute in tri. o///o You have great taste! ^-^
2 years ago
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velvetprayer (3 years ago) #3079691(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶ Yo, happy birthday!

Thank you :DDD oh ya danganronpa another episode coming out on sept 1st w00t
3 years ago
I love your dangan ronpa collection
3 years ago
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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velvetprayer (4 years ago) #2213099Thanks for the kind welcome! :D

You're Welcome~! ^-^
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Welcome to MFC ! ≧^◡^≦

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Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to MFC ^~^
Enjoy your stay here >:3
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