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Heyo! Long time no chat! Just wanna ask something but the ol' inbox is full. LMK when you see this message! If it's easier, my Twitter / Instagram is @itacotuesday!
5 months ago
thank you for accepting my fr!! your blog abt your shelves and collection is rly nice and i hope you will update your photos soon!! i bet you have much more nendos :D
1 year ago
I really enjoy reading your blog Shelf Life. It sure was useful in helping me out during my early days of Nendoroid collecting.

You should do blogposts here on myfigurecollection; I'm sure it will attract a lot of readers.
4 years ago
Thanks for accepting my FR request! You have an amazing collection! ^^
4 years ago
Nice to meet you and thanks for accepting my friend request :>
4 years ago
Thanks for accepting my FR request :3
5 years ago
vivichan5 years ago#5310401Thanks! I was really happy when I learned that they fit so well :) And that's awesome! I've been meaning to get risers but I never know where to look and the ones that I do find are super expensive.
I'm sure your display area will turn out great as well~ My only advice is to plan, plan, plan!

If my risers turn out ok, maybe I can help you out :)

Problem with my collection is I have too many random things. Now I'm trying to stick with scale figures. One day my collection will rival yours! >:)
5 years ago
vivichan5 years ago#5287010I have a few bookcases dedicated to my collection, but I'm not sure what I will do once those fill up..
I'm speechless. That setup is impressive. So clean and the shelves are a perfect fit for the nendo boxes :o!!! I'm gonna try making risers out of plexiglass this weekend. I hope my display area turns out as nice as yours! Wish me luck, ikeeee
5 years ago
vivichan5 years ago#5275222Haha, thanks! It has become an addiction.. >_< I'm sure your collection will only continue to grow as well :3
I don't doubt it will and that's not a good thing hahah. Where do you find the space to display all those droids? You must have a gloooorious setup
5 years ago
wow your nendo collection is bananas!
5 years ago