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waaargh5 years ago#6040618Hey! Ich habe gesehen, dass du die Tear Grants Figur von Kotobukiya verkaufst.
Ist die noch verfügbar? Ich würde sie gerne nehmen!

Hi, ja die gibt's noch :)
Nur habe ich vor einem Monat renoviert. Sie steht nun verpackt auf dem Dachboden in einer Tüte... Du müsstest mir etwas Zeit geben, sie zu suchen...
5 years ago
Ah du bist deutsch, das machts einfacher c:
Ich bräuchte noch Ayano, Kido und Kano c: Shintaro, Momo, Hibiya und Seto hab ich schon.
5 years ago
waaargh6 years ago#2607321Hey,
erstmal danke für's Anschreiben! Meine Wunschliste ist eigentlich eher so eine.. "will ich irgendwann mal haben"-Liste, momentan habe ich also eiiigentlich eher andere Prioritäten.. xD'' Wie viel würdest du denn dafür haben wollen?

Ach war auch eher Zufall, das ich das bei dir gesehen habe. Ich bin heute diverse Listen durchgegangen und bei mir selbst am aussortieren.
Also ich habe gerade gesehen, das da sogar noch ein Preisschild am Buch dran ist. Ich habe mal knapp 30€ dafür bezahlt.
Da würde ich jetzt sagen (da an dem Buch keine Beschädigung dran ist) wären 20€ n fairer Preis. Käme allerdings noch Versand dazu je nachdem...

Na ja, kannst es ja in Ruhe mal überlegen ;-)
6 years ago
ich habe in deiner Wunschliste gesehen, das du nach "D.Gray-man - Art Book - Illustrations Noche" suchst. Hast du noch Interesse daran? Ich überlege gerade, meins zu verkaufen. Es handelt sich dabei allerdings um die japanische Version, also keine deutschen Texte oder so was...
6 years ago
waaargh6 years ago#2426037I'm also really glad that they implemented the School / Island Mode. Playing through the game again just to see all of the free time events would be unnecessarily tedious.. It's also great that with SDR2, every character finally has the same amount of free time events, no matter how early they die :s
I'm sure NISA localized the games so fast because they needed some of the voice actors to come back for the sequel and it was easier for them this way. Shortly before DR1 was released in the US, Souda's English voice actor accidentally announced on Twitter that he'd voice Kazuichi Souda in DR lol.. So I guess all the English voice work for SDR2 was already done by the time DR1 was released. I just hope that DR1 & 2 sold well enough for them to localize DR:AE. But it's not like NISA usually localizes games that sell exceptionally well, so our chances are pretty good, I guess ^^;
I really hate it when they implement trophies that are like.. waaay to hard to get or take hours of senseless grinding.. But whenever there's a trophy where you just need to put in a little more effort than usual, I feel like I could at least try getting it. Backloggery is really great, btw!! It would be nice if you got an account :3 Sometimes it really helps me keep my motivation to beat games. It's also kinda nice when you note down the date you beat a game and can look back on it 2-3 years later. Makes me feel like I accomplished something xD''

Hahaha, of course Souda's VA would be the one to drop the ball. That's hilarious. xD I know dubs get a lot of hate, but I was actually really impressed by the English DR2 cast! And most of them are newcomers too, which is really cool. I hope they get more work after this. I was originally just planning to listen to the prolouge/Chapter 1 in English to hear how everyone sounded (and because I reeeally wanted to hear Asbel's eng VA voice a crazy character), but I ended up keeping it in English for the entire game. I actually preferred Gundam's english VA over Sugita! His voice direction reminded me of someone who gets REALLY in-character during tabletop gaming sessions, which is pretty much Gundam to a T, haha.

c: Here's my backloggery account if you're curious backloggery.com.... That's really cool that you have a bunch of completion dates and stats listed for most of your entries. I'll probably start adding some in a little at a time when I can be bothered to sift through save data. xD
6 years ago
waaargh6 years ago#2422960I haven't really looked for fan speculation so far as I've cleared the game only recently, but.. most of it is usually just people pointing out potential plotholes or stuff they don't understand, and reading this usually tires me out.. :s My first two weeks of uni also were pretty busy, so I didn't even have time to look for fanarts etc u_u;; Not sure if I have any "theories" of my own. I think a lot about the characters though. And I really hope that NISA will localize DR:AE..
I spent the weekend getting most of the trophies for SDR2, now I'm only missing the one for viewing all of the Island Mode endings :3 I'm usually not really interested in getting the Platinum trophy as I'm not a very good gamer (I love video games a lot, but I mostly play just to experience the story), but if I really like the game and the trophies aren't too frustrating to get, I can at least try

Ahh, okay! I haven't really looked into that stuff either. And now that Another Episode is out, we have to be careful about spoilers all over again, haha. xD I also hope that it gets localized here. NISA did such a good job with the other two games, and they pumped them out rather quickly too (like, I'm pretty sure that DR2 came out within 6 months of the first, which is crazy fast for most localizations). By the way, good luck with uni! (totally understand why you'd be exhausted!)

Nice, hope you get that platinum trophy! I still need to play Island Mode a couple more times so I can see everyone's special events (the Shot Through the Heart ones). Only have Nagito's, Ibuki's, and Mahiru's so far. I really like how they implemented that feature (Island Mode, that is).
And yeah, I never actively try to get trophies/achievements in games either, but I'm sure they're satisfying to acquire for games you really love and want to 100%. (This is only somewhat related, but your Backloggery thing on your profile inspired me to get an account there and start keeping track of what I've played/need to finish. xD It's really helpful, so thanks for that!)
6 years ago
waaargh6 years ago#2418822View spoilerHide spoilerWow okay? It's hard to imagine that making his name an anagram was just an accident xD
Actually, I read that in the japanese version of the game, it doesn't say that someone tried to impregnate Junko's corpse, but rather that something was taken from her body to bear her kids, so most people suspect that it was Mikan who took her ovaries. I don't know if this is true, of course, but it would make sense.

View spoilerHide spoilerOh wow, really? That's nuts. Mikan does seem like the most likely candidate out of all the students we know about though. Oh man, the thought of a baby Junko running around is terrifying. The DR1 survivors should have burned her corpse to ashes before anyone could get ahold of it. xD

Do you know of any other fan speculation/theories, or have any of your own? c:
6 years ago
waaargh6 years ago#2417389View spoilerHide spoilerHaha no problem xD
You're right, the thing about his medical condition seems weird. I guess in the end there's no way for anyone to complete understand him, and not being able to figure out what's a lie and what's the truth is probably part of it. What I also found very interesting is that they deliberately chose to give him the same voice actor as Naegi and also make his name an anagram of "Naegi Makoto da".. It's the first thing I noticed when I started the game, so I expected at first that it was somehow story-related. Of course he's supposed to be some kind of darker parallel to Naegi, but maybe it also shows that while he has the same talent and a similar voice and name, he's still not Naegi, so he ultimately fails to become "Ultimate Hope". (Naegi may not really be "Ultimate Hope", but still)

View spoilerHide spoilerIn the notes, they actually outright mention that his name being an anagram to Naegi's was an accident! They were trying to think of something that sounded suspicious yet cool, and it was only after the fact that they realized the similiarities. Worked out really well though, considering that one of the concepts given to the designer was 'A Naegi who took a step down the wrong path'. They were kind of going for the idea that the more people's ideologies match, the more that they would inevitably resemble eachother in appearance. Or something like that, haha. xD But yeah, you pretty much hit it on the nose!

Another small detail I noticed in the Ch. 6 trial was that when Naegi was describing some of the acts that the Ultimate Despairs committed, in the illustration accomplying his explanation, you could vaguely make out the appearances of the students and guess which one did what. The only one that had a completely blank silhouette was the student who tried to impregnate Junko's corpse (which is a horrifying thought, btw @__@). I wonder why they left that one blank unlike the others and if it's going to have any significance in future installments (maybe even in Another Episode?) Because unless I'm mistaken (or something flew completely over my head, haha), they never bring it up again, right?
6 years ago
View spoilerHide spoilerOh yeah, it wasn't super obvious or anything, but whenever I had a bad feeling that someone was going die next, they always did. (●´⌓`●) The only victims that I didn't see coming at the time were Twogami and Saionji. Not to say that it made the other deaths less impactful or anything. (I got pretty shaken up when I found Nagito's body like that, ugh.) I cry very easily too so you're not alone there!

I wasn't sure what to expect of Nagito going in this, but he ended up becoming one of my favorites. He's just.. such an enigma. "Both interesting and really weird", as you say. I have a weak spot for complex, somewhat twisted characters, so he stole the show for me on several occasions, haha. xD He's very much the trickster type, a "chaotic neutral" sort of. In his design draft notes, a major theme that they wanted to establish with him was 'A hope too extreme becomes despair.' They also wanted to give the protagonist a strong rival with very warped and contradicting viewpoints, to tap into the fear of someone that you can't empathize with/someone who can't empathize themselves.

I do wonder though how truthful he was being when he was talking about all that stuff in his free time events. His parents dying in a plane crash sounds plausible since it would explain why he became the way that he is, but I'm not so sure about his medical condition. I mean.. more than a year has to have passed by now, don't you think? Either he was lying, was misdiagnosed, Junko's hand / despair somehow nullified the disease, or being in the pod significantly slowed down the deterioration rate.

Ahh, I'm so sorry for going on a Nagito tangent there. xD; I just find him so interesting.

waaargh6 years ago#2413629View spoilerHide spoilerMmmh I don't think they make things too obvious. But then again, I always try to ignore that there's definitely gonna be a next victim xD'' So maybe I just don't notice because I try not to think about it too much.. They focus on different characters throughout the game, so you kinda know who is involved, but as you said, you never really know what they're planning.. Sometimes things seem way too easy and turn out to be true, and other times it's the exact opposite..
SDR2 made me cry a lot, to be honest. I can't really call that tearing up anymore lol. I cry very easily though.
Oh, I didn't really notice that Komaeda's message was different.. Or maybe I noticed but forgot right away, I'm not sure.. I completed his free time events by the way, but still don't really know what to think of him. I don't even mean that in a negative way, he's just.. both interesting and really weird.. I guess
6 years ago
Hey, congrats on beating it! (ノ・∀・)ノ I was really satisfied with how they handled it, as there are so many ways you could screw up a sequel like that. Sometimes meta knowledge from the previous game ruined certain surprises View spoilerHide spoiler(like whenever a character becomes the central focus of the chapter, you pretty much know that they're going to be the next victim), but then you have other parts that throw you in for a loop and you have no clue what's going to happen next. xD What I admire most about this series is that you never quite know when certain gaming tropes/conventions are going to be played straight, or flipped on their heads, then flipped a couple more times for good measure.

View spoilerHide spoilerTo be honest, I teared up a bit during Chapter 4's execution. xD; Augh.. it was a mix of having to watch Gundam part with his Dark Devas, and him being lifted up to 'animal heaven' at the end. (though in retrospect, that part was pretty hilarious.)

Nagito's final free-time event bummed me out a lot too, though I won't go into detail in case you haven't gotten it yet.

Yes, those messages are what I was referring to. ^^ The part that I found interesting was that: View spoilerHide spoilerNagito didn't have one of those corrupted 'wills'. When you check his cabin, you only get Hinata's commentary. Also: right before you enter the Ancient Building, all of the dead students show up except him.
It might not mean anything in the end, other than that Nagito is, as Kuzuryuu so politely puts it, a fuckin' weirdo, but I found it a little ominous. xD

waaargh6 years ago#2412481My sister also had hamsters up until a few years ago. I always liked them a lot and grew very attached to them although they weren't even mine.. u_u;; I already had all of Gundam's free time events in.. like.. chapter 3? xD'' I've always liked Gundam since I first started playing the game, but his free time events hit unexpectedly close to home.. and then there was chapter 4..
I would have liked to beat the game as fast as possible, but I had so many assignments to do that it was impossible for me to concentrate on the game :S I finally beat it yesterday, by the way. I also did check the cabins after chapter 5, although I'm not sure which aspect exactly you're referring to that you found interesting? Other than the messages themselves being interesting in general (albeit also somehow quite disturbing..)
6 years ago
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