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About me:
Lady Maria - most people call me Warrior
Artist, teaholic, gamer, romantic;
love: warriors, weapons, moon, galaxy ,
fantasy books, animes, various music,
games (mostly mmos, action/adventures or Dark Souls etc.)

Fav characters:
- Shinobu Oshino (Monogatarii)
- Rory Mercury (Gate)
- Jeanne D'arc/Saber/Tamamo/Nitocris/Miyamoto/Katsushika Hokusai (FGO)
- Shiro/Shuvi (No game no life)
- Holo (Spice & Wolf)
- C.C. (Code Geass)
- Asuna (SAO)
- Shiro, Shuvi (NGNL)
- Chloe (Prisma)
- Sakura Yae/Teresa (Honkai impact 3rd)
- Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII trilogy)
- Artorias, Ornstein (Dark Souls)
- Nero, Vergil (DMC)

and bunch of random characters XD



-> Not listed on MFC: Sakura Yae Chinese Dress Ver. (Apex)

-> Proud owner of few but most wanted scales!

-> Warriors figures are love, I just don't have enough of them yet!

-> Prize figures accepted mostly only if it is Shinobu or Miku,
occasionally some FGO

-> Nendoroids only of characters I really like
or it's just cute enough to catch my attention


"Do not give your past the power
to define who you are"





Thank you!! ^-^ covid is bad here right now but my bday will be filled with lots of Persona 5.

Oh it’s fine!! I meant to tell you that ESO went on sale so I decided to pick it up from your recommendation. :) I haven’t played any yet though.
2 months ago
good favourite characters...id like...mine is; shinobu oshino, kurumi tokisaki and rory mercury <3
3 months ago
Ohh that one is cute but I see what you mean. I try to be super picky about my miku scales(because there’s so many ^.^) her nendroids are so cute though.

I took some pics.. I’ll PM them to you. My display cases are a bit disorganized right now. I’d love for o see you’re too!!

I’ve been really enjoying persona 5! But it’s my first persona game so I don’t know how helpful that is. :) all of the characters are super likeable amd the story is good so I can’t complain!
Oh wow, you have to do the side quests! I feel some of them add a lot of depth to the story and it’s missing without it. I do feel like 9S is the main character though.. even though everyone loves 2B.

I think your responses are helpful! Honestly I was between ESO and final fantasy 14 online since they’re both popular. Which do you recommend of the two??
4 months ago
Oh that ones cute! There is seriously endless adorable Miku figures. I feel like I’m going to have an entire display case of her of her at this rate. I think the Miku I’m most excited for is the snow princess one ITEM #806071.

Recently I’ve been playing Persona 5 Royal! I also just finished the 5th main ending of Neir Automata. What mmorpgs do you play? I’ve been considering buying one but I feel like the knowledge gap for a new person is huge so it’s been kinda off putting lol.
4 months ago
Sorry!! I really though I responded to this >.<

Anyways, did you see the nendroids sculpt for the symphony miku? She turned out so cute. :)

Yeah I finished Tales of Berseria! If the Exorcist girl just joined you I think you have a decent way to go.. maybe like 1/3 through? The game is pretty long but has a great ending so keep going! I would absolutely looove if Alter made a Rokurou figure. He has such a pleasant character design. Or Magilou. I would order either one of those in an instant.
4 months ago
I really like it! Hanako is just so cute. Definitely let me know if you end up checking it out.

Yeah, I know what you mean about their voices sounding too electronic but there are a lot of songs not like that. It can be hit or miss. Lol

For the 5th Symphony Miku, if you look closely at her hair in the image it is in the shape of the number five. Here’s a link to it-

I will definitely snag that Rory if I ever see her for a good price or gets re-released (either variant, though I doubt I’d ever find the metallic one for less than the normal). She really is so pretty.

I pre-ordered the Zero Two bunny so luckily I didn’t have to pay crazy after market prices (just the crazy DHL shipping because I went to change my shipping method too late). I would have to say the Miku bunny or my Velvet Crowe figure are my two favorites though. :)
5 months ago
Hanako is from an anime/manga called Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun! (He’s a ghost who gets summoned from the bathroom lol) The anime is super short (12 episodes) and there’s no confirmed season two (yet, hopefully soon!). The manga is really good though and the art style is soo cool.

I did see that announcement! I can’t wait to see how the figures turn out for the 5th symphony miku. Someone pointed out that her hair made the number 5 and I’m not sure if I like it or hate it so I hope they change the scale figure a little. I’ll probably end up ordering the Miku With You one after a while but we’ll see. I’m with you though, I think I like the nendo version better. The scale looked pretty but a little off (and a lotta expensive).
I do like Miku and some of the other vocaloids (I’m really not sure how many there are) because I played project diva and thought it was super fun! Also miku is super cute.

Oh and I am so jealous of your Ques Q Rory! I have the koto one but that one is soo pretty.
5 months ago
Haha, awe. I’m the one with all the Hanako :)
I’m still trying to decide if I should get her!! It’s such a cute nendo but I have so many Miku nendroids already(not that you can have too many lol). I feel like I’m starting to run out of space with my POs. Did you get her?
5 months ago
Hi!! We were messaging about a Miku nendroid the other day so I thought I’d send a request. :)
5 months ago

Oh god so many Mikus! I really like the noodle stopper Sakura one. I’ll wait for more pics of the new white rabbit, not sure if I like the black stockings. Will you get any of these? :D

What are your thoughts on Myethos’ Miku? I caved in, got her from Amazon but am still hoping she’ll pop up elsewhere.
5 months ago
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


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