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lexie | twentyone | female | england | infj ☆
hi i mainly collect nendoroids but
sometimes scales and figma^^

likes: coffee, sushi, gashapon, rilakkuma,
plushies, maki nishikino, hamsters, money
and my handsome boyfriend andrew x
dislikes: being poor, tuna fish, olives,
windy weather and naruto fillers

links: kpop collection / myanimelist / etc
my usagi nendoroid custom:


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it's quite sizeable at least compared to mine, i think it's really nice! i get it though, i always want to make my collection bigger as well!

thank you so much! i know, right? rowlet is so cute, he's just a feathery round ball of cuteness (•ө•)♡
4 days ago
love your collection!!
4 days ago
weeb (4 months ago) #27246655nah after reading the other comments i sound really boring now !!!
Is your name really lexiechan
4 months ago
XD you must've been a helluva mature kid
4 months ago
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
7 months ago
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Finally getting a chance to leave this....

Wonderful buyer! Very patient and understanding when we ran into a little issue with the post office. ♥ Glad the figures arrived safely!!
9 months ago
thank 4 figs x
1 year ago
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