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I can't seem to upload pics on this site but here are some pics.

1 year ago
hi friend, very lovely figures you have there, can you give me one ? hehe
3 years ago
Eyeing for figures with complex sculpting details, quality, poses and favorite characters.
4 years ago
wingsofnina4 years ago#9026152You have so much nice figures! How do you manage to display them all? Out of my curiosity, how many Curio do you have? :D

I currently have 3 curios and customizing two small bookshelves with polycarbonate windows. I only can display about 100 figures at a time at the moment :(
4 years ago
Here are the remaining pre order priority for this year:

ITEM #361549 -Pre ordered!
ITEM #331519
ITEM #287697
ITEM #331564

And maybe this one or next year: ITEM #6424
4 years ago
Alright, few more to pre order planned out for the upcoming months. Gotta plan out the budget. 2016 is the most expensive year of my figure collecting. Thinking about selling some of them, but I can't part with any of them. :p
Now the most expensive thing to buy in figure collecting.. a nice figure curio. :D
4 years ago
wingsofnina5 years ago#2676808You have very nice collection. I love your profile charactert!! Is she your original character??? :))
Thank you.
And no, she's called CyberConnect2-chan from the game Kami Jigen Game Neptune V.
She's supposed to represent a company called CyberConnect2, which happens to be one of my all time favorite game developers.
5 years ago

I saw your comment about your Madoka being delivered to a different address/state from Amazon. Call Amazon asap, they're open 24 hours from my experience and they'll find out what is going on. Even if an item isn't fulfilled by Amazon, they will help. Good luck.
5 years ago
Alright!! That's all Im going to order until few months. XD
Crossing my fingers on no more figure shopping for awhile... Note to self: need a bigger showcase for the future.
Feeling excited though. <3
5 years ago
wingsofnina5 years ago#2581365You have very good figure collections. :) Mind if I friend you? :))Thanks! And I don't mind at all!
5 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!




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