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That's fine! I was gone on my holiday to Thailand for awhile anyway, which was really fun! Also, I've booked and paid for my trip to Tokyo next month! I'm going to Wonfes! I'm so excited ^_^ I'm staying in central Shibuya too, which should be nice.
Wow! Did the performance turn out well? That was really such a cool thing to happen. I bet you did a great job at the Q&A!! I'd love to see the performance too.
Ooooh was Supanova good? I've still never been, but at least I'm going to Wonfes next month which will be huge haha. I can't wait! It's on the last day I'm in Japan though so I'll have to save money for it, plus I get back to Australia on the 21st and have to go to Uni the next day...
Wow!!! Yuri on Ice was so great. The Christmas DLC for MM was also so good, who is your favourite character?
Oooh I've never been ice skating, I really want to. Mia loved Yuri on Ice as well and wants to copslay all of the characters. To her next con she's going as Yuri Plisetsky, and she can't pick between Viktor and Yuri for the other day.
Have you been reading Blood Bank, Out of Control, Killing Stalking etc? I never knew they were so popular. I read Out of Control first and read the other ones because they were on Lezhin Comics website, and then after found out how loved they are.
OH also did you see the previews for the diving and competitive dancing anime that are coming out? They should be good but I'm not sure anything can beat Yuri on Ice at this point.
What's been happening with you anyway? I'll upload a bunch of my holiday pictures for you and send you some! I'll be taking lots of pictures in Tokyo as well if you have Snapchat or line or anything ^_^
EDIT: Here's some pictures :D imgur.com/a/smn...
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Thank you so much ^_^ Not much has been happening over here, I got back from my holiday about a month ago (I sent you a message but you might have missed it ^_^) and have just been getting ready for the holiday season! Yesterday I finally got two KnB scales, the collectors edition of MysMes, Limited edition of Idolish7's first album and some other small things like ps4 games ^_^
How have you been? I hope things have been great! :D
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xHoneythief4 years ago#13734046Sounds like you had a hard time, it's great that things are going better now. My sibs and I live separately, but I stay over sometimes during the holidays, and it gets so crazy when all 5 of us are under the same roof. Sometimes I get asked to look after the two littlest ones so the parents can sleep in for once xD
Nice, have fun! Be sure to get haul pics so you can show off anything you get there :D Are you stopping by Brisbane or going to the Gold Coast theme parks? Maybe you could call them on Skype if you'll have wi-fi access. My grandma was overseas for my birthday once and did that.
Oh no D: I got the Monokuma Nendo and accidentally broke its arm trying to switch it, and my friend ended up getting Sepang Miku and she arrived damaged. Devastation TT__TT
Haha, poor Koujaku. If only I had a second Aoba. The struggle of choosing how to pose a Nendo.
Looks like the manga's finishing this month, the anime could be adapting all of it :D
I'm torn on Kyrie. His banter with the others was funny, but his route was bad, it's annoying that less-than-healthy relationships are so common in otoge :\ Caramia's cute, I loved the surprise megane.
Yeh xD I know they're IT guys and they've seen everything, but I still don't think they would care to see the game lmao
Those all look so cool. I didn't plan to order Ritsu, but after seeing dat expression, I think I will. Since I'm not into figma, I really hope they make a scale or Nendo of P5's protagonist. Are you getting the limited edition of the game?

Phew, I'm finally back from overseas! I did loads of things and it was great :D I ended up missing the flight on the way home though...its a long story :'(....
I have so much to catch up on! 200 notifications on here to go through...so much anime to watch...hahaha
I'll upload my photos and send you a link to the album later today <3
How have you been?? Any news I've missed out on??
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Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
xHoneythief4 years ago#13594106How did you end up living with your cousins btw? Sounds fun, but hectic at times. Yuu caught my eye too, he has a nice design, plus Souma Saito :3 Ryo is adorbs too.
Awesome! I'd love to go to Singapore someday. Is the trip for study or anything, or just a holiday?
I'm so torn on how to pose Clear when I get him. I want to pose him giving his umbrella to Aoba, but that would mean breaking up Aoba and Koujaku DX It's the most important decision of my life, I tell you!
The Lamento characters would all look great as Nendos, but I don't think it's super likely either.
I haven't read any of the Yowapeda manga, what sort of stuff happens in Spare Bike? I've heard it's a spinoff about the third years, but that's all I know.
Good to hear the roof's going okay! :D I'm a sucker for "tough outside, adorkable inside" characters, so I loved Axel and Caesar. I accidentally read spoilers as well, but tbh I'm glad I did since some things made more sense and didn't feel out of place. The most recent episode of the anime had Caeser being a big baby and not eating his vegetables, everyone's so in character. What do you think of Kyrie and Caramia?
So when I got NTY, my laptop's disc drive was broken. I went to the computer shop to get one of those USB disc drives, and the guy at the counter asked if I needed one urgently. I said I got a new game, and he said "ordering one in will take two weeks, if you bring the game disc in, I'll burn it to an ISO for you so you can play it while you wait". I stood there like "oh crap... what do I say!?" lmao I told him I'd just wait and ordered the disc drive. Cracks me up looking back xD
I think this was the first WonFes where I was more excited for the prototypes of old announcements being shown than for the new announcements, there were so many draft figures to look forward to! I wasn't sure if I would get the UtaPri senpais, but after seeing the prototypes, Alter's definitely getting more of my money. I'm also throwing cash at the screen for their double Free figure. A Tony Taka fig I thought was doomed got out of development hell at last, which was a nice surprise. Nendo Chuuya should come with parts that let you pose him like Dazai's trolling him and he's annoyed :P The top comments on Jiji's 1/1 scale tho. Fangirls, fangirls.
So what proto reveals did you like, and what new stuff are you hyped for?

I moved out in like Grade 7 or 8 of highschool because I didn't get along with my step dad and it caused a lot of fights between my mum and him so I just decided to live with my Grandma. My aunt lives with us right now because she has four kids so she needs help looking after them (since three of them are under 5). I like living here though, it can get crazy but everyone's really nice.
It's just for a holiday :) I'm looking forward to going to the Animate and Bookoff in Thailand as well. On the way back I'm spending a week in Queensland as well! My aunt is just upset because I miss my youngest cousins 1st birthday and my oldest cousins 16th, they are both pretty important birthdays xD
Ohhh I got him, went to put his umbrella in his hand and it snapped in half... :( It's so weak :((( luckily they're sending me another one, phew. Hahaha I didn't even think about it, I instantly broke up Koujaku and Aoba. Clear is just too cute, he need to stay with Aoba xD
Yeah Spare Bike just tells stories about the third years as first years, the bits about Makishima are great.
Yessss that's the exact same type I like as well. Axel and Caesar are great. When I first read the spoilers I was like devastated about what happens with Caesar (and I still am) but it's still a fun game, I love the art and music. I watched that episode too, the anime is really cute. I don't like Kyrie at all, but Caramia is really cute.
Ohhhh godddd it would have been so bad if you'd gave it to him xD What would he have thought hahaha. You made the right choice xD
My favourites are: ITEM #464806 ITEM #464601 ITEM #464590 ITEM #464570 ITEM #364114 ITEM #441571 and most importantly ITEM #464652
So many nice things honestly (and can't wait to see the new Haikyuu nendoroids :') )
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xHoneythief4 years ago#13043336Them otome fangirls are gettin' younger xD My sister turned 12 last month and she's already getting teased about future boyfriends. Poor thing, I'll try to stop our Dad from being too mean lol
I'll start Mosspaca once I finish Orange. Speaking of cute boys, did you hear they're making a Sanrio Danshi app? Whoever at Sanrio came up with SD is a marketing genius. Cute boys who like cute things, how can any of us say no?
Oooh, where are you going? My AmiAmi order's held up by one thing, so I'm getting Clear late too. Fingers crossed for WonFes! As well as anything DMMd, I hope we get something for Lamento's 10th anniversary. IIRC they announced more staff for Slow Damage in June's Cool-B, but that's all.
At least we've got Spare Bike to make the wait easier. 2017's already looking awesome for anime. The new FLCL, Tourabu, more Kuroshitsuji, Yowapeda S3, Ao no Exorcist, I'm so excited!
Hope the roof fixing turns out all right! Turns out my laptop was decidedly... not fixed ^^; My hard drive went kaput and it took several tries to save everything. Got it back again this evening, it's finally fixed for real now. Sorry for worrying you! DX
Since Zestiria's split cour, at least there will be a break to catch up if we get behind. Holy moly, tell me about it! I've got 15 shows I'm watching, and I might start more later. I stayed up late to watch Ozmafia last week. Totally worth it since the ep was going to be about best boy xD
What do you think of Amnesia so far? I don't want to say anything until I know where you're at bc of spoilers.
Based Aksys licensing three otome games and the C:R fandisk! I'd really been hoping for all those. Mangagamer getting Bocchi Musume is great too, and the reaction to Hadaka Shitsuji during the livestream was glorious xD It'll be interesting to see how BM does for them since it's the first 18+ otome in English.
Mentioning laptop problems reminded me, have I told you the story involving the same computer repair place and my hardcopy of NTY?

Awwwwh poor thing, she's getting to the age though. Sometimes I wish I had siblings but I live with my cousins anyway so it's practically the same, although most of them are 5 and under. I've wanted to read (or maybe watch?) Orange since it's coming out this season. I saw some pictures of the Sanrio Danshi! They're all really cute :O I'll definitely have a look at the app. Yuu Mizuno is super cute though.

I'm heading to Singapore and Thailand in just over a month! Recently an animate store opened in Thailand so I'll definitely be going to that. Clear just got here for me which is great, he's super cute. I've been taking him around in Tsurumaru's Nendoroid sleeping bag so I can take pictures of him, he's my favourite nendoroid right now. Not long until Wonfes now! I'm so hoping so anything from Lamento, I would LOVE Konoe and Asato nendoroids so much, but I'mnot holding out much hope.
I can't wait for Spare Bike, they all look so adorable! I've read the majority of the Spare Bike extras so it's going to be lots of fun. Wow, there really are lots of big name anime coming out next year, I'm so excited.

Yeah the roof is going alright now so it (hopefully) won't fall in. Oh no D: I'm glad it's fixed for real now, I'd be lost if my computer broke down. Omg, I started playing Ozmafia, went with Axel first and then Caesar and I was like WOW Caesar is so great I really like him! Then I accidentally read spoilers and know everything about the ending and I was so lost...Caesar :(((
I'm still only early in because of Ozmafia but I'm enjoying it! Wow, I didn't hear about any of those except for Bocchi Musume (which looks amazing xD) announcements, thats so great!
No I don't think you have told me about that one, I'd love to know! :D
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Your username is cute!
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xHoneythief4 years ago#12065376I asked my sister and brother (in primary school and high school respectively) and apparently Yokai Watch is more popular at his high school, Skylanders and Pokemon are the bigger toy-driven games at the primary school.
Haha, hipsters are getting younger and younger xD My littlest sisters are both 6, and we're starting to get them into anime with the Ghibli movies and some others. I was playing Neko Atsume with them in the background the other day and one of them asked if it was one of those "amime things" lol
I like workplace comedies, so I've put Mosspaca on the to read list :D
I'm using the hair down part right now, it's so cute combined with the grinning faceplate! Since I've got 4 Haikyuu ones now, the wide bases don't look so weird since I can put two on each.
Manami and Makishima Nendos would be instabuys for me, and Onoda and Toudou would look great too, and Naruko's hair would be crazy. A classmate of mine picked up the Onoda figma from a con last year and accidentally broke it straight away. Oops.
Oh no D: Did you have to put buckets there to catch rain and stuff? My aunt ended up with a broken window thanks to a falling tree, no one was hurt though. I was luckier, only my laptop got damaged by a power surge. It was iffy for two days and then didn't charge properly at all. I just got it back this afternoon, I'm so sorry I took forever to reply DX.
What have you been up to since then? Have you been able to fix the hole yet?
I'm on break now, so I'm just frantically trying to finish the last of Zestiria before the anime starts. What are you watching this season?

It's good to hear that it's somewhat popular :D Mia is still loving the anime of it, she's got the first two DVDs now and plays the games every night.
That's adorable :D Mia also used to say "Amine" which was cute. She's soooo into "Cute boys" right now though. She has a shelf dedicated just to them, so I always give her things with anime boys on them. She's learning quickly xD
Yay! Mosspaca is super fun, my favourite "side story" in it would be the ad for Sony, the boys are sooo cute in it.
I'm super jealous :D I want to get the rest of the Haikyuu nendos but I've been slowing down a bit lately since I'm saving for preorders and my trip next month. I did just pay for Clear though, I was going to go EMS (2400yen) but SAL was only 660yen so I have to wait awhile. Can't wait to get him though! Hopefully they announce some more DMMD nendos soon. Also more news on the new game would be amazing.
Same, I would probably instantly preorder any from Yowamushi because they would just be adorable :D I wish the new season was coming out sooner than next year though. That's sooo bad D: If I broke it straight away I think I'd cry :'(
Yeah we had to have buckets and everything, it's so bad right now. We'll need to get it and our roof fixed really soon. Oh no D: I'm glad your laptop is all fixed now atleast! I was worried something might have happened to you D:
Mostly just been playing WoW lately since the new expansion comes out next month and I'm stockpiling items that are cheap now that will *hopefully* shoot up in price! I've also been playing Fire Emblem and finishing Zestiria. I really need to finish it before the anime starts as well D:
There are like...23 or so things I want to watch, it's SUCH a good season for the kinds of shows I like. All the idol ones look great, also excited for Orange, Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu, Servamp, 91 Days, BINAN KOUKOU!!!!!!!!, Mob Psycho and Dangan Ronpa (Seriously cant wait for these.)
Also I picked up Amnesia in the Steam Summer sales for $3 :DDDD
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xHoneythief4 years ago#11142528I fell for a sale and got the first two Witcher games the other day, so there's more casually thrown onto my backlog as if it isn't already a mile long ^^; Which Tales games are you playing?
I saw the shelf photos on a site other than MFC (it might've been on ANN's Shelf Life actually), but I'm having trouble digging them up :\ If I come across them again I'll send you a link :D
I'll have to ask my little siblings if the other kids at school talk about Youkai Watch much. If you do want to give Pokemon a try, I'd say start with Black or White since they introduced a ton of new features compared to the older games.
It's all thanks to the guy who runs the writing course I go to. He's involved with the state library, so the students sometimes get lucky and find an odd job through him. I wasn't expecting this at all, I'm not even sure what I'll be doing since I'm just the plot person at this point xD
Sounds great, I'll definitely get Mirror then! Old Xian's the author of 19 Days, right? Are there any other series they've done that you'd recommend?
I got the Yuu Nishinoya Nendo today and it reminded me of how much I'd been hoping for some Yowapeda Nendos. Would you get them if they made them? Since they made two figma, it seems possible.
I heard Tassie got hit with the worst of the storms going through east Aus yesterday, is everyone okay?

I'm playing Zestiria and Graces F atm, but it's taking me a while because I've been playing WoW and fire emblem non stop TAT
I'll definitely try Black or White then! I think my little cousin has both so that'll be easy. I think some of the other people in her class talk about Yokai Watch so it musn't be too unpopular. She came home the other day and said "They just don't understand anime. It's just not good enough" and "I don't like kids tv shows because they aren't like anime"....she's five...
Yeah Old Xian is the author! She writes some great things but I'd suggest Mosspaca, it's a story about her persona and other persona's of people she works with and it's just kind of a big fun mess.
Wow I'm so jealous! I really want to pick up Nishinoya, I love his hair down piece soooo much, so adorable! I'd love nendoroids so much, I'd buy Makishima and Toudou ones instantly TAT Onoda would also look adorable (and Manami) but I have to go with the faves first. I still need to get the figmas though, I'm just a little less fond of figmas compared to nendoroids.
Yeah the storms were awful! We now have a big whole in our ceiling that needs to be fixed, we had to move all of the electronic things away too. It's slowing down a little now but there has been some seriously bad flooding D:
4 years ago
Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
xHoneythief4 years ago#10973234Awesome to hear that it's that fun so far! What's your fave FE game? I've only played some of Awakening and can't finish until until my 3DS is fixed.
Oh, that's a shame :( Siren has sales often, so you won't have to wait long for another one.
tfw you want to start a new game but already have a bunch of others you're only halfway through, amirite? xD That's a relief, hopefully we'll both be feeling better soon. I'm still healing myself.
I've seen photos of Detolf shelves full of merch from series with colour-coded characters, with one character per row, ending up with a very pretty-looking rainbow shelf lol
I really like the figure too, and the price is great, I'll definitely be picking him up at some point!
Whoa, that looks so cool! Dragons = instant awesomeness.
The Pokemon games are seriously addictive. I loved them as a kid and thought I'd grow out of them or get bored, but I never did. I wonder just how well Yokai Watch is doing in the west, it's huge in Japan and I'd like to see some sales comparisons.
Kyonyuu Fantasy seems to be the biggest (heh) announcement that a lot of people had always been hoping for. Not my thing, but it is a big name title for them.
I've been playing Enstars more, so an anime be a good way to get back into Idolish7. Rei is my favourite Enstars boy, so I'm super hyped for Alter's figure they announced recently!
Yeah, I've been having fun working on it even though most of the tasks are repetitive. Most of the jobs other than programming seem to be wrapping up now, but luckily, I found out yesterday that the orchestra project is going to turn into a paid thing for a couple months, so that'll keep me going for a while :D
I noticed as I was scrolling down that you got Mirror. I'm going to grab an artbook or two soon, would it be worth getting it as well? What's the ratio of Ten Count vs. Takarai's other series like?

I've never actually played another one! I tried the demo for Awakening but never bought the game. I'll definitely be looking in to them now though :D
Ughhh I feel like I'll never finish these game TAT I'm playing a bunch of really long ones again like The Witcher 3, Inquisition and two Tales games. Plus I've been playing WoW every night with some friends.
Wow! I'd love to see rainbow shelves, that would be an amazing sight!
I think Yokai Watch must be doing alright, they air the anime on TV and have brought out LOADS of toys. But I would like to see some real stats. The game does look pretty good and they're bringing the second one to the West as well. I really need to get in to Pokemon, I'm not sure which one would be a good starting point though.
Wowee, that certainly is a big announcement xD Not my sort of thing either but I'm happy that they're getting some big ones.
Yeah I haven't played much Idolish7 lately since I usually wait for the story to be translated since I'm enjoying it. An anime will surely be announced though, it'd do so well as one. The figure hopefully will look really good! I can't wait to see more.
Wow! That's so amazing that you'll get paid for it :D I can't even imagine achieving something like that!
It's a great book, I really recommend it. There is a lot of Ten Count at the start of the book, but I think the ratio is pretty good between all of the series'. Even for the ones I haven't read yet I really enjoyed the art! It's one of my favourites, next to Old Xian's artbook, for sure.
4 years ago
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xHoneythief4 years ago#10545027Sorry for the lateness! DX I had to make up for the lost work time and got busy
It would be an amazing experience, but I'd want to have a regular travel buddy. That's the kind of thing I'd want to do together with someone rather than solo.
Did you end up winning either of them? Or getting DRRR?
I ended up getting through 3 more Ozmafia routes, most of In Spring, and a few chapters of Hakuouki, so yeah, the time was a huge help xD I'm on a massive otome kick right now since the story I'm working on is one. Oh no, do you think it's anything serious? That does sound scary D:
You could make one of those character shrines with a whole shelf row of merch of the same character lol All the artwork on the LEs is so pretty *o*
Not gonna lie, I've played "is this character a guy or a girl?" with people using the Azusa figure :3 It is a really nice fig though, the base was a good choice.
My DS's B button is broken atm, so no Fire Emblem for me until that's fixed. No new Pokemon either :(
They announced a couple of things that were really exciting for VN fans in general, but the only otome/BL-y thing was Shigeo Hamashima as a con guest. Good thing I didn't get Kindred Spirits on the Roof yet though, more hardcopies are great news since I liked their NTY one. Next up is Anime Expo in July, so fingers crossed again for then!
Did you see this Idolish7 anniversary thing? idolish7.com/ca... I really hope they're announcing an anime! It's still a while away though.
Forgot to mention with the app, the researcher has some really funny kids. She leaves in all the bloopers from filming the videos, so there's been a few gems while I'm editing them. Such as the older one holding a chicken and saying "chickens make great pets", only for the chicken to immediately start flapping and run away straight after he finished talking lmao he stood there deadpan and said "yup, great pets".

That's totally fine! I've been really busy as well so it's all good. I've been playing the new Fire Emblem like craaaazy, I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would.
I can completely agree to that! I wouldn't want to be doing it alone, I'd feel really lost I think. You'd have to get someone that wants to travel just as much as you do though and lots of people are just too busy for it :(
Noooo I didn't end up winning them, they went higher than I wanted to pay. I was going to go in and get Durarara but my Aunt decided she wanted to go out instead and I had to babysit her 4 kids T_T I'll have to get it next time :(
Wow you've gotten through a lot of the games! The time off definitely helped with that. I'm playing way too many games right now so I really want to finish some soon. I'm not totally sure yet what's going on with me but I'm feeling slightly better luckily ^_^
Ohhhh I'd love to do that for Kanata, all of the merch of him is so pretty. The artstyle really is so nice. Yeah that figure really could go either way but he's one of my favourites! So cute, and the base is just amazing.
Oh no! I had an old 3DS when I bought Fire Emblem then I saw this new 3DS XL and had a moment of weakness...and bought it two days later xD ITEM #438159 The game is great though! I got Conquest. As for Pokemon, I've actually NEVER sat down and played one D: I know my little cousin has basically every single one so I'll borrow one of the newer ones from her and play it through. She also got Yokai Watch and it looks pretty cute so I'll try that too I think.
I still haven't seen exactly what they announced so I'll go looking for some info, but I have wanted to play Kindred Spirits on the Roof, so I'd love to pick that up. It looks good! I like the artstyle on it and the Limited Edition has a great box.
Oooh! I've been a bit behind on Idolish7 because my tablet is broken right now :( But I hope they announce an anime! It'd be great as one!
Hahahaha oh man that sounds hilarious! I wish I could see xD It sounds like you're doing a great job on the app though!
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