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hey there! I was wondering if your Sakura nendoroid you'd advertised some time ago was still available?
1 month ago
Happy birthday Miyuu~
5 months ago
Silly Miyuu~ WonFes is 2/10 this year!
1 year ago
Happy birthday Miyuu~! <3

Let's look over WonFes in a couple weeks together again~
1 year ago
Hey Miyuu, remember how you wanted more D.Va? HERE'S SOME MORE D.VA!!

1 year ago
Noooo, is okay! Focus on getting better! *wriggles in feelgoodwaves at you!*

I was really disappointed in the Steph scale too, and I love lewd stuff. It just seemed really tacky the way it was done, and worse, her boobs have awful anime syndrome where they have no real... boobness to them, it's like they're just glued on. Uuuuugh.

Anyway. xD I've been pruning my list a little bit, but I made a list of everything that had a reveal or update around WonFes, so here you go! It's a lot. Apologies, lots of lewdnudes on there too. xD LIST #97287

Some of them I'm on the fence about, like GSC's Emilia, but... I mean, what can you do? Reveals are reveeeeals
2 years ago
Anything you want from WonFes?
2 years ago
Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
2 years ago
Happy birthday Miyuuuuuuuuu <33333

I miss chittering with you, hope everything is going swell and your life has been full of Jack-O-Lanterns and Halloween~
2 years ago
xMiyuu2 years ago#24203207Yeah, this WonFes was pretty disappointing for me. Finally got a prototype for Sakura from Fire Emblem which was the most exciting thing. xD
Also the announcements of Takimoto Hifumi Nendo from New Game and Beatrice Nendo from re:zero. Those are awesome! Other than that.... not much to say.

I agree, hardly anything super amazing was shown. I was pretty sad that a bunch of figures I was interested in didn't even have painted versions, including the BlazBlue Hazama that Broccoli was working on... oh well. On the other hand, A BUNCH of interesting looking lewd figures and a bunch of Mikus popped up. Oh my GOD the Mikus. XD

My wallet is already deceased. WALLET, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU
2 years ago
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