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Hello / Bonjour,

I discovered the Japanese culture with Pokémon Diamond on my Nintendo DS. I loved these creatures!
Currently, this universe does not interest me as much as before but I still have some items in my collection.

Many years later, in December 2018, a cousin showed me an episode of Danmachi… and I bought the light novel in English. I liked more the Sword Oratoria side with Loki Familia.

I searched for items to decorate my room. But this series does not have so much figures, only Aiz and Hestia are represented. So I though I had to search for characters from other series… And it was what happened.

In April 2020, I saw some Date A Live figures while searching for Danmachi goods. I liked the characters design very much (especially Tohka's purple hair and Kurumi's clock eye)!

So, in May, I watched the three seasons of the anime. The characters that I have seen before had voice! It confirmed my interest in Tohka and Kurumi, and I discovered Miku Izayoi and the Yamai sisters!

Therefore, I bought my first scale figure (Yatogami Tohka Finest Kimono). But, according to the shop I used, I will receive her only in January 2021… I have received her! See below.

In August, I purchased the Tsunako Art Book Spirit and a tapestry with Kurumi wearing Santa clothes. A tapestry is much better than a poster, it is easy to fold it without damaging it! Strangely, I don't see this type of articles in shops in France (maybe the price is a big factor).


The next month, I bought Tokisaki Kurumi Alluring Kimono. You can read my review here!

In October, I bought seven items from Date A Live. In the package, there was:
> 2 tapestries
> Tsunako Art Book Conserves
> Dragon Magazine November 2020 | I really like the nice poster and the mini clear folder, one of the rare items which features Mukuro.
> 6 clear files | I didn't know what it was when I ordered but I am glad to have them, they are very pretty!

In November, I pre-ordered Natsumi DX from Bell Fine.

In December, I ordered Tohka Yatogami from Good Smile Company. I thought my purchases for 2020 were finished but I found her in stock! You can read my review here!


In January 2021, I finally received Yatogami Tohka Finest Kimono! You can read my review here!


In February, I received a package with:
> 1 Danmachi tapestry | It is my first item from Danmachi!
> 1 Date A Live tapestry with Kurumi
> 1 tote bag with Kurumi in a comic style
> 4 clear files | Mukuro ; Tohka ; Natsumi adult ; Natsumi child


In April, another package arrived at my home! This time, I ordered:
> 1 Danmachi acrylic figure of Haruhime
> 2 tapestries | Tohka ; Yoshino
> 10 clear files (I have almost all of the characters!)
> 3 CD



Thank you for liking my work! I am currently working on my next kit so please do!
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