Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
- Natsu - Welcome to my collection!
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you're welcome, i appreciate that you accepted it!
thanks >< most of them are from my ryuusou itabag
1 year ago
KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿
Thsnknyiubso much for FR!
✧( ˶ㅎ 。ㅎ˶)♡(`ノ෴´)✧

You have a lovely collection.

3 years ago
akarin6 years ago#3772461Hello, thanks for the FR! I like your profile pic *____* nice free! collection too!

And i love your collection too, more than mine! >_< thanks for add!!!
6 years ago
Hello, thanks for the FR! I like your profile pic *____* nice free! collection too!
6 years ago
xnatsux6 years ago#3030683yeah. i saw it! but i dont like any snow this year so... tsk >_<
thanks for love mine <3

yes they looks ugly TT-TT (ecxept the N°3 >~<)
your welcome she looks really really cute *^*
6 years ago
xnatsux6 years ago#2968403hahahahahaha!!!!!!
*crossing fingers too* Thank you >_<

sniff to bad you were not selected... :/
6 years ago
xnatsux6 years ago#2968163Yeah, i saw it too, but some designs cant be selected maybe because they are complicated to do or i dont know, but well, i just have HOPE to go to the final hahahaa
don't know ^^
if you win i'll be able to say "I know him/her!" XD
*crossing finger*
6 years ago
xnatsux6 years ago#2966706Yes but i think, the likes on fb dont do anything.... i dont know, i added a belt and a hairpin at design.
I dont know, Aki and Mamitan will decide the final result of Nendoroids so....... i hope i can be at final... xDDD
(i want to win but...... i think not) xD

yes but technicaly, when you vote for somebody, you want to support him/her so you share his/her design by Twitter/FB etc...
i think It's well started, only 4 design are selected first but i remember a picture with the four different Snow Miku 2015 who were selected, with their number of vote along them, i believe GSC don't decide anything (I'm not shure ^^)
6 years ago
xnatsux6 years ago#2965280Yey, i draw my SnowMiku 2016 in figma ver.!!!
I hope you like it too! Thanks^^

Wow It's just Amazing how cute she is *^*
i really hope you'll win!! :D
(It started good! you have 134 likes on FB against 20 for the other people!!)
6 years ago
gracias por el FR!!! tienes los kits de Utena y Anthy montados y pintados??? o eres de las mias que los compro por si algun dia me pongo a ello o encuentro a alguien a quien encargarselo?? ^^u
6 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!




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