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I might take a while to reply PMs or comments as I work a full time job on Mondays - Fridays and ocassionally work part time on Saturdays. I also have other commitments like piano and painting my GKs.

No longer accepting random friend requests, I will only accept if I've spoken to you before. Comment on my page if you want to add me. :)

Asahina Natsume ♡♡♡
Anime lover who can't control her spending. Often scolded for spending money like an open tap. I'm super broke at the moment and I owe my younger sis money. Lol. I can't believe how much I've spent in 1 year and how much richer my younger sis is. :/
I want a PS Vita and Nintendo DS but every time I try to save, I'd end up spending it on Yaj!, Rakuten or Manda. TAT

You can ask me anything, I don't bite. ;)
I like to talk loads online but face to face, I'd just be awkward. Haha.
If you need help with translations from Chinese/Japanese, I might be able to help but I did get a C5(borderline pass) for my Chinese so don't trust me with it too much. LOL.

Studied experience and product design (diploma)
I'd like to move to Japan one day. ^.^

My all time favourites!:
• Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
• Hoozuki no Reitetsu
• Durarara!!
• Baccano!
• Haikyuu!!
• Daiya no Ace
• K
• Full Metal Alchemist
• To-aru Kagaku no Railgun
• Noragami
• Kyokai no Kanata
• Kuroshitsuji

Currently crazing over:
• Ten Count
• Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun

Mangas I wanna read but haven't gotten around to it:
• Kuroshitsuji


Studio Ghibli~ Fan art by me XD

Jibril copy from one of the novel covers for a good friend. :3
My splits, leftovers and feedback: list/39206
Visit my new store envy! :3 snowcastle.stor...
one piece, naruto, fairy tail, durarara, steins gate, ao no exorcist, fullmetal alchemist, no game no life
saiunkoku monogatari
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Hi I email you. c: please check it soon thanks! xD
2 months ago
xueren (5 months ago) #22499327Hello! Your inbox is full, just wanted to let you know I've posted your package today. XDHey! So sorry, didn't notice! There was a glitch recently in my inbox that got me 101 messages recieved instead od 100 so when I deleted one recently, I forgot it was the 101 one. (⌒-⌒; )

Thank you so much~~
5 months ago
FR?? cant believe u own all of redjuice artbooks. those are hard to find now.
9 months ago
xueren (11 months ago) #17288030Omg so sorry! I just cleared it! Yeap, most likely. Or I could meet at orchard on Friday too if that's better. ^.^

Orchard is perfect, I gotta go into town anyway sometime this week anyway!
11 months ago
Your inbox is full!

I'm okay with after 6pm or on weekends, whereabouts do you wanna meet? Somewhere roughly between Dover and Bishan?
11 months ago
Hi ^^
Can you delete some messages, because your inbox is full :)
11 months ago
(Don't wanna flood your inbox with more PMs xD)

Hi again! I got my AFA GO item today! *bless the postal gods*
Thanks so much again for doing the proxy service. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚
11 months ago
Hello! I saw a comment on a figure I am looking for that you had one...If you do not mind, where did you find the Amai Mitsu No Heya Jibril figure?

Sorry for the bother!
1 year ago
lightningmaid 不思議な
Funnily I wanted to PM about AFA items, because you mentioned picking up Nendo blind boxes. But I didn't want to bother you, and now you offered to help. I'm certainly interested in items that are only available at AFA. >< But your inbox is full.
1 year ago
xueren (1 year ago) #16081581Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day ahead!

Thank you!
1 year ago
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