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if you need me i'll be lost in kabuto's backstory
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''A genius who had everything would never understand... I just want to become myself.''-Kabuto Yakushi


hey i’m matt.
| i heavily prioritize collecting for Kabuto Yakushi, Mello and Deidara |
| generally i enjoy buying death note merchandise with focus on the wammy boys |
| despite the explosion of naruto all over my profile, my favourite series is actually death note, the literary masterpiece |
| the wammy boys will forever be a group of characters that i constantly look up content and merchandise for |
| i love the akatsuki and collect a lot of their merch (mostly deidara's) |
| the sound four are criminally haha underrated but i adore all of them tayuya pls step on me |
| i love vocaloid n luka is my favourite with yohio and gumi as close seconds. i also have a good amount of kagamines and mikus! |

other series that i'm into but don't collect as strongly for: View spoilerHide spoiler- kuroshitsuji (2nd season because that's where alois is at <3)
- dragonball z+super (goku black and zamasu's arc broooo)
- ansatsu kyoushitsu (nagisa and karma scales when)
- love live (nozomi and rin = best gorls)
- citrus (need. matsuri. merch.)
- touken ranbu (shokudaikiri and hasebe singing about udon never fails to make my day)

Let's be friends!
IG (figures/merch): @yakushining
IG (art): @kadeisen
YT: kadeisen
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http://pa1.narvii.com/7086/145cfdaf1717880230357a57dec947a87b37e24cr1-500-318_00.gifquick reminder that i love this loser
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hello, sorry about that, cleared my inbox now lol
6 hours ago
Thank you!!! Q_Q
1 month ago
thank you!!! :D
3 months ago
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, good vibes and the transforming Rimuru gif, it made my day! :) I did! (Lol XD He definitely is, he’s so cute it should be a crime XD)
5 months ago
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, i really appreciate it <3333
5 months ago
Thank you!! :D
6 months ago
yakushining8 months ago#76037132ahhh this message just made my heart really happy. i'm really thankful that you liked it! i had so much more to write and i didn't want to come across as too overbearing, but i'm so, so happy that there are people like you who enjoy things like this ;-; View spoilerHide spoileras for people being negative, i can't say to just ignore them (that's much easier said than done), but i just want you to know that there are always people who do appreciate what you do and how much love you hold for characters/franchises of importance. i've gotten a fair share of negativity as well (not on here, but rather irl), and while it's hard to ignore sometimes it 100% will not affect the feelings i have for the characters i love! i hope that you get nothing but positivity from here one out <3 i have no idea how to end this off (your message was so sweet and made my day) so i'll just say this: please never be ashamed of your passions!! i'm always so happy to see when people post about characters that had a positive influence on their lives, and that of course includes you and kaiba! thank you again, i'll be right there to support you and your passions as well <3
Excuse my late reply, I'm pretty bad at noticing messages since I rarely clear my inbox... but of course, you're welcome! I'm only speaking honestly afterall. I love to see other's passion too and yours really shines through.
Thank you for the encouragement and kind words! I will write a little more feelings from the heart next time, then. Since I held back a lot lately and it kind of felt wrong... Thank you so much! That makes me really happy to hear it and have your support. You have mine too.
8 months ago
I love your posts so much ; -; Seeing your recent one made me inspired to pour my heart out more in my birthday/valentines posts again... I stopped doing it when I got a lot of negative comments and stuff telling me I needed mental help just for writing something nice... so now I always keep it brief and just post the pictures. But yours was so lovely, it makes me feel inspired to post that fearlessly again too! Thank you for sharing it.
8 months ago
happy belated birthday! as ur birthday present, deidara WON'T 'accidentally' blow you up! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧. Kabuto will be very glad about that. Hope mello shoots you in the head. Love you!
9 months ago
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Happy belated birthday!! XD
9 months ago
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


Favs: Death Note, DBZ/DBS, Kuroshitsuji, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Naruto
Favs: Death Note, Haganai, So Cute it Hurts!!, Owari no Seraph
Among Us, Pokemon, Ultimate Ninja Storm, Project Diva, DN: Poisoned
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smug attitude, intelligent w/ dumbass tendencies, TL:DR basically kabuto, mello, alois, tayuya, dei, and matsuri
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