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    youji (4 years ago) #2358755I am very sorry, my list with the title '✿ Trading' is my wishlist of items out of the 'Trading' category here on mfc, so I do not own any of the items on the list!
    Oops! My bad. You even had that message on the front of your profile. Now I feel like a dummy!

    Anyway I really appreciate you relying, thanks!
    4 years ago
    Hi youji,

    I noticed you had this on your trading list: ITEM #98648

    Is he still up for trade and in what condition? How much would you want for him or maybe we could work out a trade: LIST #37056 I live in the US by the way so I'm not sure if you'd be willing to do international shipping.

    4 years ago
    Milkbiscuit ¥¥~~\(´Д` ) \ NOOO
    youji (4 years ago) #2151072I don't really think about replies, I just ... reply. I just read it and write everything that comes to my mind, which is probably the reason I always end up writing such long answer, although I try to control myself every time. Sometimes it works, but oh well, we'll see haha
    (I only answer when I'm on my PC though, I hate writing long messages on my phone)
    Too early for that, I only own one glass (and one bowl which was shipped but hasn't arrived yet), but I'm striving for moooore! There are so many nice dishes which I really want. But many of them are super hard to find/super expensive. I saw a Togainu mug for 80$ recently orz My only glass is lovable though, it's one of those Limited ones from Gift store and I managed to snatch it for 1000 Yen in perfect condition. I was really happy n_n (It's the Lamento one)
    I'm one of those weird terrestrial beings that like neither tea nor coffee, but I'd go with hot chocolate. And maybe some food, if I ever manage to get ITEM #59125.
    Okay, so stuff happened and I needed to cancel the order with the metal straps (shoot me please) and even though I said it's okay to leave in the pre-owned goods, they cancelled everything. Thanks again, amiami. God, staying here on mfc, I'm starting to hate amiami and it's customer service, I read so many bad things about it. And well, nice is not a word to describe them. Hopefully I won't need to contact them in the future.
    Wow, that must've been a lot. Also, you could probably use the box you got as a coffin haha I don't really want to be nosy, but how much was the shipping? (roughly, just want to see the dimensions this can take)
    Also, where are you living?
    Hah,I think it's still a long way until she accepts it, but at least she doesn't annoy me anymore when it comes to this. Guess she saw it's hopeless haha. Lately, I got sooo many packages, and other than giving me a weird look, she didn't do anything. She didn't even ask 'What's in there' or 'How much was this', so I'm safe for now haha
    I also find mfc very soothing, it's such a nice feeling to come home and be able to talk to people about the stuff you like, find new things, see hobby-related news etc. It's really kind of a safe haven for me, seeing as I feel very unsettled in my private life lately. This really helps me. (And Neopets, wow, those were sweet times. I really liked Neopets, but when I tried to play it about a year ago, I felt like it has lots its charms mostly)
    Ahh, I'd be kinda sad if I knew I could only display everything for a year at most, and then have to hide everything again. But I guess it's better than never displaying it at all. I'm really excited to see your setup though! Have you seen Shelias Nendoroid and petit/plush setup? She's got so many things, which makes the setup really nice to look at, my heart kinda skips a beat and I get really excited thinking that maybe I can have such a nice collection one day.
    This sounds really tempting, but I'm broke as f... Or rather: I have to save up money, so I can't spend anything, my money is spent in advance until October/November... Urgh. This is really sad actually, seeing as I love Youji very much, and there's basically no merch of him, even his (disturbing) scale fig was cancelled.
    by the way, this time my answer took longer, I'm sorry >.> And I guess I wrote a long answer again haha
    I think I need to be the one to reply with a reduced word count IT'S FOR BOTH OUR SAKES PLEASE UNDERSTAND *profile comment page collapses unto itself* Oh man I love it when you can get limited items for less than retail price, it feels like such a victory in this hobby. And not like tea OR coffee???


    Naw I kid, that's fine but I wonder how you can keep yourself awake during revision/work time? (I have no idea how old you are). I could never drink coffee as a teen but since I started work a few years ago I can't go a work day without a mug of coffee. And woah, I hope you can get those chopsticks one day, how fun it would be to eat noodles with. All the ramen noodles we are forced to eat to save money. Oh this hobby.

    And I'm sorry to hear about AA! I think they have really cut down on allowing cancellations. In the years sinc I've started shopping there, I made about 4-5 big cancellations because I just could not cope budget-wise. Part of it was my fault, part of it was my friends' fault (they would all make me the proxy and this would save shipping). But yeah either they couldn't pay every month or I didn't manage my finances well enough. AA was pretty understanding about it, and they would sometimes allow me a few weeks to gather the funds. But earlier this year they told me I couldn't ask for extensions anymore, so if I couldn't make the payment deadline they would just cancel the entire order. I'm really worried one of these days they will ban my account, although it's only until June, then after that all my orders will be with HLJ. I'd rather they not ban me cause AA has pretty good pre-owned deals.
    I live in Brunei Darussalam. Very small country, please don't confuse it with Malaysia LOL

    And I can't wait to fully set up my collection! My poor babies need to see the light of day. And I've been considering moving out of my mom's house once I've completed my secondment term. Then maybe I can have an entire room just for figures, that's the dream right?

    And don't worry about the Youji plush, but I'm sorry to tell you that I've managed to get a friend to buy him off me. If I didn't need the money so bad I would've held him for you for a couple months :/ after all, I feel that he should go to a Youji fan

    4 years ago
    I've never been able to find a Sweet Pool patch. If there is one, is there a link you could provide? By effort I mean picking it up. I didn't mean it in an offensive manner. I find it strange that DMMD was done so quickly, but I guess that team was particularly dedicated. They pumped out both translations very fast.
    4 years ago
    lucy4 Free! Lover
    You wanna add the other Life with EVA prizes too?
    4 years ago
    youji (4 years ago) #2156098Yeah, I noticed that ... but I couldn't stop myself. I started rewatching the original Anime at like 12pm in the night from Saturday to Sunday, watched all Sunday (except when I cooked for Mother's Day and showered) and finished the series that evening, then on Monday I watched all movies. Except for Death&Rebirth, I'm not a fan of Recaps.
    Honestly, I think The End of Evangelion hit me the most. It's also where I cried the most. Especially at the end. But uhh I was never really sure: Will the people really return to their bodies? With the same souls and minds as before? And how will they survive on that hellish planet? Eva is partly very ... confusing. Additionally, I hate open ends haha
    Well I DID cry when Kaworu died, but other than that, I think it was more cheerful than the original series ... It was brighter etc. Also some important things were missing in Rebuild, so I'm not that fond of it. There were also major changes that made me go 'uhhh...?'
    Doesn't keep me from being excited for 4.44 though, I really hope it comes out in 2015... and is at least 4 hours long to clear all mysteries haha >.>
    Hellelujah. It's really both a curse and a blessing ... There's so so so so so much stuff I want, it's not possible or even the tiniest bit realistic to get everything I want >.>

    I watched NGE + Death & Rebirth + End of Evangelion over 2 days also. Exhausting beyond belief, but probably part of the reason it had such a strong impact on me.
    You should watch Death & Rebirth sometime. There's more to it than just the recap. I always tell people even if they never watch it again on subsequent runs through the series, they should at least see it their first time through.
    As to what happens after the End of Evangelion, well... Rebuild, Q particularly, has been gradually filtering in a lot of information regarding the fate of the world after Instrumentality. But I'd rather not go into THAT on your page because that is really really long (we're talking pages of analysis here.) We can talk about it in PMs if you want though |D

    Rebuild is VERY different, and it's not hard for me to understand why a lot of people don't like it. I was very displeased with Q the first time I saw it and it took a few viewings for me to love it, heh. (Original NGE is the best now and forever, though.) 4.44/FINAL in 2015? HAHAHAHAHAHA, NO. Do you know how long we waited between 2.22 and Q?!
    4 years ago
    youji (4 years ago) #2154448(Luckily I saw your comment on that blog, I totally forgot to reply orz sorry)
    Hmm, I guess lately I feel that way too. When I first watched Eva, I was too young to understand everything, and I didn't even watch everything. About two weeks ago or so, I finally got over me being so lazy (I don't really like watching Anime that much) and watched all there is in two days haha. I also started reading the Manga, and honestly: I'm so glad I got into this again. And from then on, I was in a total Eva craze - and still am. I can't believe I put this off for so long just because I'm lazy. I haven't cried that much in a long time, especially not in two days. And now, I focus on Evangelion-related stuff, hopefully this will take over my collection haha. My first eva merch will be the EVA MP Revoltech (without the wings) and I absolutely can't wait!
    Okay, sorry for that long text orz I kinda got carried away.

    Yeah, watching Eva all at once is incredibly emotionally taxing. Rebuild hasn't been as rough in my opinion, even Q, but we'll see how FINAL/4.44 goes. (In a few years... waiting is suffering.)
    We are simultaneously very fortunate and also very UNfortunate to be Eva collectors. There is SO MUCH Eva merchandise orz
    4 years ago
    youji (4 years ago) #2151018Phew, gladly those aren't many, meaning this is not creepy (I hope so haha)
    Sooo *coughs* I LOVE EVANGELION AND NITRO+CHiRAL. And this is basically everything that has to be said about me :D

    I feel like I'd be the somewhat creepy one then? >_>
    Haha, I don't blame you. I wish translators put some more effort into the other Nitro+ games. All I've had the chance to play are DMMD, Re:Connect, and Togainu no Chi.
    4 years ago
    Thanks for the URL help, now I can link with reckless abandon!
    4 years ago
    youji (4 years ago) #2151146You have so much Eva stuff (I want), I really admire you :'D
    Haha aww thanks, I prioritize Eva over everything else in my collection, and my collecting STARTED with Eva figures and was entirely Eva figures for quite a while.
    4 years ago
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