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DanteMagica (7 months ago) #18493581I can't seem to text you, is that with your country's code??

Yup, welp. Pm me yours.
08 months agoastarte952astarte952
thank you very much! but it´s tomorrow different timezone here.
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Yay! OMG. By the way.


I will say hello! I'm staying in Fukuoka though.
I'll check your ordered list rn. ... Seems like you go for only fabulous, majestic girls and girls in traditional clothing! I see your July ordered list is also pretty packed, why does everything release in July?!

Psychopathology?! What do you learn there?

Well, I do have an iPhone I mean iMessage and stuff.

DanteMagica (8 months ago) #18267410Ok so that's a real good choice for a Racing Miku you got! Btw I started watching Shirobako and I LOVE IT! I'm so happy you passed and get to go to Japan, say hello to my family for me lol(^ー゜)
And yes I ordered Eriri, check out my ordered list, I think I lost my damn mind!
I can't resist the Mikus like you lol, I'm weak
I wish I can contact you easier, I finally took the time to message you back, I'm in my psychopathology class as I'm writing this to you heehee
I would just give you my phone number if I could, but you live in another country so I'm not sure if we can text each other
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DanteMagica (8 months ago) #17798375Hey! I'm so sorry for not responding for a million years, it's been so busy. I went to see my mom in Chicago, which is in another state from where I live. After that school started up again from Winter break, so I have like 15 comments I have to comment back on, lol. I'm so sorry you didn't do well on your Japanese final, are you going to retake the class? I didn't know that Eriri painted! I was so excited to see that, there are so many new exciting paint jobs as of lately, like that Luca kimono on the tree was amazing! the HOmura kimono nendoroid was cool, but the Racing Miku 2016 Thai ver is FINALLY painted! and the Racing Miku 2017 was really interesting since they had that kotobukiya "original character" fairy prototype came out. I am still torn between whether to pre-order deep sea miku, lol. I need to check out that Nujabes, sounds awesome.
I'm not sure what will happen in 5 years, i don't plan too much, I just sort of go with the flow as the events arise, lol. Don't worry so much about what you will do, just focus on the moment and you will definitely find your way through life.
I don't have a line but I'm sure there's a better way to communicate. I have to use a computer to comment back too.
Also, I think I found a replacement show for New Game! it's called Miss Kiyobashi's Dragon Maid, it's sooooooooooooooo good, I really reaaaally recommend it.

Lol, I just did the same to you. Sorry! >< I guess we're even now, lmao! Winter break felt way too short, I miss it already. Uni just causes me to stress like crazy. Actually here we have a thing called resit, where you can re-do failed tests, so I did. And of course I passed! With me passing the Japanese conversation course, uni sends me to Fukuoka for 3 months in April. Did you order Eriri in the meantime though?

By the way.

WonderFes soon!!!!

I'm trying to limit myself from Mikus so, I just pretend I have no interest in the racing Miku figs. If I honestly had to pick a racing Miku, I'd pick item #198541. I do think the newest racing Thai Miku looks better than the other ones. In the end I don't think I'll get the deep sea Miku, since I've already ordered several scales for this summer.

I'll check Miss KD Maid out!
09 months agoastarte952astarte952
happy new year 2017! how was 2016 for you?
09 months agoagmaragmar
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16820038please send me a link to your video when you're done! I will share you my video when I'm done too ;)

Hi Dantte, Yesterday I got to Miku and as promised here is the unboxing
[ext link ]
I hope you enjoy it!

Greetings and happy new year
09 months ago (9 months ago)lightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16992098Hey your writing is better than mine! Speaking Japanese is easy for me but I can't write for sh** lol. I haven't watched Shirobako, it looks interesting, I love shows like that. I wish all my favorite shows got more episodes than 12, it's too short. I just finished a magical girl show called, "Magical Girl Raising Project" it was soooooooo good, I'm also watching Yuri On Ice! (omg soo amazing for subliminal boys love), Flip Flappers (kinda weird and non-sensical but it's beautiful art), Anohana, annnnd Izetta. I'm addicted to CrunchyRoll.
I grew up with Shoujo and Shounen, while I lived in Japan when I was little, my boy cousins would watch the Shounen show and I would wait till Sailor Moon would come on TV right after hahaha. But I LOVE Pokemon and Digimon, I used to get teased in school for how much I love it. Where I work, COSTCO Wholesale Market, Pokemon Go was really popular but everyone quit playing but I am still just as into it like it just came out yesterday. I'm trying to hatch all my eggs to get igglypuff or Pichu or any preevolutions. You got to give Sailor Moon a chance, it is a classic.
As far as Deep Sea Miku, I don't know if it got a new paint job, I am perfectly happy with the original paint job, it is a perfect Miku, and the Deep Sea aspect it absolutely irresistible....Oh no...as I'm writing this, I am really starting to consider PO her! oh nOOOOO, I can't afford it!
Oh and I would love to make a Tori, I was wanting to make one for another figure, (Kongiku from Muramasa Demon Blade).
What's Nujabes theme? I need to look into that!
Thank you about school, I was originally an art major but it doesn't make much money so I switched to mental health, and I thought I could use my love for art in therapy to treat kids, young adults, and adults too. But I love kids and I know how much pain that youth face growing up so they need all the help they can get before they develop completely into adults. I just turned 28 ;p

I guess we're complete opposites in terms of Japanese language, lol! I can't speal for sh*t. I failed the final btw, I had the lowest grade from the class as well, great smack in the face.

I really like shows where they make all the girls like-able despite their different personalities, just like in Shirobako, New Game and Saekano! Can't come up asap with another one like that though. Alter made a Shirobako figure from my fave girl item #331494, but only one character from a bunch.. And it doesn't seem they'll do other characters. :/ So, I'm a bit sad about that. By the way! Did you see Nendoroid Eriri painted? She's adooooorbs! [ext link ]

Never heard of Magical Girl Raising Project though, what is it about? Yuri on Ice is lovely! I'm still at ep 10 though. :( I do like how much merch YOI got and the fact that 3 figures are already announced. Actually, YOI also has that a lot of like-able characters syndrome. I think Phichit and JJ are nice characters as well besides the main characters. Since I haven't finished the show idk how the other guys are doing, ahahaha.

It's like as if nowadays you'll be teased less, because I was still very into Pokemon when I was 12 and yeah all the other kids thought it was childish. :( But now 10 years later, it's as if everyone just got hit by nostalgia and let it go. I actually re-downloaded Pokemon Go just for the new Pokemon, lol!

I'll think about the Deep Sea Miku, I'm still trying not to buy too much Miku. I refuse to! ><

That's sweet, you could re-use some props, because why not. You use many different stages and dioramas anyway. Nujabes is a Japanese producer who passed away at a pretty young age, his music is loved by many, because it's pretty chill.

Ahh, that explains. Art major eh, that's pretty nice as well. I heard that many of those schools are strict and expensive though. I understand why they are strict, because as you said, little money, not so many jobs either. You found a great way to use art in a different major though! That's awesome, I'm still a bit lost what I will do in 5 years.

I thought you were younger. Lmao.

Do you have Line or something? I only reply on MFC when I got my hands on a laptop and that's like once a day. ><
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DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16819996Lightning-chan Ogenki desuka? boku wa kekou genki desu! Lightning-chan no okage de ima Eriri wo kaiimashita! Translation: Lightning chan how are you? I'm doing awesome! Because of you I just bought Eriri! I just went with the pay up front at NY for Eriri, I got too tired trying to decide so I'm glad I just went with the one you did, now we can be excited together when she comes out ;)
Hey Hey!! did you get your invoice for Hanairogoromo?? Did you get yours from NY or Amiami?
I bet they are going to have a second season of New Game! because Japanese love shows like that. Yea I remember your video on the love live nendos, it was better that way i think.
NOw for the discussion of the Dante's Inferno of MIku Hell, hahaha. It always start with one MIku figure, and that amazing flowy twin tails hair! One of my earliest memories in life is when I was like 4 years old watching Sailor Moon when I used to live in Japan. SO my love for "twin-tail" haired girls are hardcoded into my DNA lol :D So Miku is just like an "extension" of that, no pun intended. Oh and I LOVE that Deep Sea Miku, it's probably one of the first Miku's I have ever seen but there are so many others that just kept being released that I wanted more, you know? I'm on the fence about getting her,I wonder if the paint job will be changed a little bit?
I am totally going to make a stick bridge, that doesn't sound too hard, and I bet there's a DIY bridge tutorial on youtube, and then paint it a bright red, ooooooooooo that would be so cool. I'm glad you like the Purity Ring song, doesn't it have a japanese vibe? I have a playlist on my phone that is called "kimono no ai" that I listen to, so I can decide which kimono figure will get which song.
On a side note, I think a long time ago when I told you I go to "grad school" you were wondering what that was, it is the same thing as "Master's Program" I'm attending a "Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Master's Program" so it took soooo much time away from my hobbies ;p


Yes! I got the invoice when I woke up, I haven't paid yet. I bought her from AmiAmi. Did you watch Shirobako? Shirobako got like 24+ episodes, I hoped New Game would get the same treatment, but the manga isn't even far more developed than the anime was. :')

It's a shame, but I have never watched Sailor Moon. My friend is a really big fan, but she grew up with it. I just grew up with shounen stuff like Pokemon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh. I do really like twin-tails (ehum, Eriri, ehum, Aoba). It just has its own charm. Were you disappointed with Deep Sea Miku's paintjob? I don't see why they would change it. Her hair is especially flowy and pretty on that figures. And besides that the base really makes the setting even better. I also have a weakness for the ocean and stuff.

Maybe you can also add a torii gate while you're at it? Because those are red as well. Maybe placed in the background. I really like songs with Japanese vibes. Especially producers who are in inspired by Nujabes' music. I really like Nujabes. Well, you can give Miku the kimono song. I mean it's Miku after all.

You did tell me about grad school. But you're already doing a Master's degree?! How old are you?! In mental health as well, that's awesome.
010 months agoagmaragmar
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16820038please send me a link to your video when you're done! I will share you my video when I'm done too ;)
Yes of course!
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DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16731189Hey! I'm bilingual in Japanese, so if you need someone to practice with I would be more than happy to help :)
Man I love that art book and I love the art style of the anime in general, at work I got bored so I doodled, check out my drawing!
For the Kimono Madoka girls, I was originally going to do 3 videos, one for Mami, one for Sayaka and Kyouko, and one for Homura and Madoka but that's going to take toooo long. I might have to change my username to that with the rate I'm collecting Mikus. I just got the GSC Link figure! and the box is so awesome! For the Hanairogoromo Miku I would love to do a bridge, not sure where I could find one in her size. but I'm going to sorta copy the theme and visuals from this music video [ext link ]
and I can't decide between this song
[ext link ]
or this song
[ext link ]
I'm still on the fence between Mykombini and NY, just because I'm so afraid that they will cancel my PO. which did you order from?

Oh really? Thanks for the offer! I'll give you call when I feel miserable about my Japanese. Ahh, glad you like the art book as well! I broke my bank this month already so erm, I might just pick it up somewhere next year. I also hope New Game will get a 2nd season, because I miss the girls. ;_; You made that doodle at work in like 5 minutes with a pen? Damn! The shading is so good too. ;_; Why aren't you a mangaka yet?!

Yeah, just putting several figures of the same line in a video is easier. I did that with the Love Live Nendoroids, because there were 9 Nendoroids. I didn't want to make 9 videos lol, so much work.

OOOOH, by the way. I'm slowly falling into Miku hell, but did you see the re-release of Deep Sea Miku item #143923? It was one of my favorites and now I'm sosososo tempted to PO her. About that diorama bridge, I bought some wooden crafting sticks (the ones which look like those popsicle sticks). I think you can make one yourself, it's probably a lot of work though.. Well, that music video kinda explained what I was trying to say with sakura leaves ahahaha. Omg, Purity Ring! Pick Purity Ring's song.

What. No, neither of these webshops will cancel your order. That mostly happens with US/EU webshops. Just order her from NY then. I only have positive experience with them when it comes down to exclusive figures.
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Oh no! I hate it when I write a whole paragraph and forget to hit send/submit. ><

School's out? You're so lucky! My finals are starting this week (starting with a Japanese conversation test, well I can't speak Japanese for shit lmao). It's this New Game art book item #484775, it's like 1.5k - 2k JPY on Mandarake. On the other hand, sometimes collecting a whole set of one series can be pretty annoying. >< I need to finish my K-ON set, the Saekano set and the Love Live set. Or at least that's what I'm working on now. I have several other sets, but since they are older and are not PO-able I feel no rush to finish it. Good one, our happy place, collecting figures, hehehe. Sheesh, your list of diorama videos is so long!! I'm now especially curious how the Madoka kimono girls will look like in your video, since you made a traditional house for it. Lots of Miku figures on the list. Might need to change your username into Dante's Magical Mikus. :') It's corny but the only way I can imagine Hanairogoromo Miku is either on a bridge in a Japanese garden or underneath the fall trees or underneath sakura trees.

I haven't used BiJ yet, so I'd say either NY or Mykombini. Just a reminder for both BiJ and NY, people have mostly issues with their customer services due to canceling. Especially when they want to cancel a figure which they have already paid for. NY offers a pay immediately option, but you should not use it, because if you want to cancel they will keep the money. But the general rule of figure collecting is not to cancel anything anyway.. So, can't blame BiJ and NY if their customer service gets rude.

So it's up to you, pay later with NY and overcharged shipping or pay 50% with MyKombini.
010 months agoMutant615Mutant615
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16679754how awesome would an iceman +18 figure be? Lol, but yea I wish for more sexy male figs, especially if they made them from shounen characters!
That would be a dream come true! I hope we get more 18+ male figures! That's a big reason as to why I'm supporting Native's Aoba figure! Hopefully if it does well, they'll make more!
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DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16707046Hey, have you ever bought from either BigInJapan or NipponYasan? I missed my chance at PO from Rightstuff for an exclusive Eriri kimono stronger figure. I keep hearing bad things about NipponYasan and Big in Japan about how they are bad customer service and more importantly that they cancel your PO because they were actually out of stock. My other option is Tokyo Otaku Mode which is an American store, so the release is a month later than the japanese site. I'm really don't know if I should take a chance of the cancellation at Big in Japan. What do you think?

I think there are misconceptions about both Nippon Yasan and Big in Japan. Yeah, their customer service isn't great. But you barely need customer service anyway. I order from several webshops and the only time I need customer service is for example when I want to combine orders or un-combine orders. I use BiJ and NY for only exclusives anyway. The downside is, BiJ requires immediate payment and NY overcharges shipping. The downside of US webshops is, you'll get your figure 2-3 months later than the actual release. So I prefer ordering from JP webshops. By the way she's also still up for PO here [ext link ], only downside it requires 50% of the payment immediately.

You ignored my previous message though. :(
010 months agoNoahGreenNoahGreen
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16679708We are all born to need romance! Yea I want more Male figures, my favorite male figure is probably my 1/8 Archer by Alter, it's so hot to me lol. Aside from that I love the Free! Figures both the Alter and water gun versions. I just wish they would make more +18 male figures that aren't so bondagey and characters that are more shounen. Oh and by the way you made my day when you mentioned the Nendos for Yuri!!!

I have that Archer and i fell in love when i saw him. It was a instant PO to me. That expresion, his dark skin... absolutely fantastic. I like Makoto from Alter and Ren (Max Factory) with his tattoos and everything. I Agree with you about more R18 male figures but not bondage stuff. I'm not a fan of that but i PO Aoba anyway 'cause he's Aoba and collect everything about DRAMAtical, but yeah, i'd prefer another pose or scene. Wish Native/Max Factory made Koujaku


Love him and all japanese stuff.
010 months agoNoahGreenNoahGreen
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16650808I'll have to check it out :) have you seen Super Lovers! or Yuri on Ice!! (i don't know why so many anime have "!!" in the title lol)

Yeah! I really love Super Lovers! (Actually i have a Wall Scroll) and Yuri on Ice!! is the next. I had on my list, besides GSC is going to make their nendos :D. I love old yaoi too like Junjou Romantica. I see this video sometimes and *-*
[ext link ]

I'm a romantic hahahahaha
010 months agoMutant615Mutant615
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16650776nice to meet you! any cool new figures? iceman is badass, especially now that he's gay in recent comics.

YASSSSS Iceman is my fave and I love that he's gay! He's very relatable to me and I can't wait to red his upcoming book ^.^ I love collecting X-Men figures, sexy male figures, and some Nintendo stuff! Wbu???
010 months agoMutant615Mutant615
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16644363Fellow lgbt collector unite!

Yessss!! Nice to meet you! :D
010 months agoNoahGreenNoahGreen
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16644325woah what anime is that?

Prince of Stride. It's an otome game, but then they made the anime serie Prince of Stride: Alternative. It's like Free! one :D.
010 months ago (10 months ago)NoahGreenNoahGreen
DanteMagica (10 months ago) #16628436Gay collectors unite!



Love your profile by the way *-*
010 months agoastarte952astarte952
this year i buy to birthday and christmas again mercuary and mars s.h figure like 2014 but at that time it was bootleg. normaly i will not do this but put money with someone together.

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