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01 day agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
franjandar (2 days ago) #26232829Eentje is wel verzonden gelukkig :) Ik kijk meestal niet of iets verzonden is of niet omdat het me een klein beetje nerveus maakt XD Maar de andere is nog niet verzonden... :( Ik wou het krijgen op mijn verjaardag maar dat gaat denk ik niet gebeuren

Oh ik kijk altijd, ik zou daar juist nerveus van worden haha. gelukkig is je andere pakket wel verzonden, het is maar net welke stad het postkantoor is denk ik... Staat die al lang op non-actief? Soms is SAL reg. echt heel snel weet niet welke snelheid je gekozen heb? Zelf neem ik altijd SAL Reg. Dus wie weet krijg je m nog wel op je verjaardag, zou leuk zijn :D
02 days agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
hey, ik praat ff hier verder haha. Dat is idd wel heel erg balen zeg... wat zeggen je track and trace pagina's? als er staat verzonden uit Japan, moet het verder geen probleem zijn denk ik.
03 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
franjandar (3 days ago) #26148131Thanks for the reply! And thank you, I'll keep that in mind. I heard that she doesn't come with instructions is that true?Yep, I don't remember seeing any instructions sadly :( It's easy enough with the pictures on the box itself though.
03 days agomurialitamurialita
franjandar (3 days ago) #26149482I wish that would happen XD Oh that makes sence, yeah the Qeus Q ver. does look a lot better then the Plum one now that I look at it... But I will resist buying her! First a roof and then all the plastic anime girls I can imagine! :P
Eh, as much as I like to joke around, it's good to see you have your actual priorities in order. There really are people that would forgo the roof repair to buy figures or other things like that.
03 days agomurialitamurialita
franjandar (3 days ago) #26148162I see you've ordered Tamamo... I'm jelous :( I don't have the money for her since my darn roof is leaking and I have to spend 1K euro's for repairs... But eitherway I saw you've ordered a schathach again, but don't you have the same one already?
Who needs a roof when you can have a foxy maid! She'll clean up the drips for you! And I have Plum's Scathach. This one is Ques Q's version of her. I tried to pass, but I just love the way the body lines look too much.
04 days agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
franjandar (4 days ago) #26129668Hi! I recently ordered Fukusei no Byakuya Franchir 1/8th scale and since you have it I was wondering if the essembly is hard? I couldn't find any comments on her page about this subject, so I thought I'd ask you!Hiya! Assembly isn't fun unfortunately. She's a polyresin and has a few thin pieces :( In the end it was okay but it was a bit stressful and not everything fit perfectly on mine.
06 days agoApple314Apple314
franjandar (6 days ago) #26032606Wow dude your collection is freaking awesome! Your Link 1/7th scale by Max Factory is especially amazing!
Thanks for the kind comment :] I hope to display my collection and take lots of pictures one day. I'm liking your Miku collection!
010 days agomurialitamurialita
franjandar (10 days ago) #25867268Wil you buy Iowa or have you ever thought about buying her? [ext link ]Iowa doesn't really do it for me, so I'll likely pass on her. Plus she's pretty darn expensive.
010 days agoKiruKiruKiruKiru
franjandar (10 days ago) #25875208Well thanks! I really do feel better en ehn ik vind Nederlands ook goed als jij dat wil( ^∀^)
Allebij is goed voor mij hoor, ik vraag het meestal want sommige vinden nederlands toch fijner.
Ben blij dat je je nu iets beter voelt. :)
010 days agoKiruKiruKiruKiru
franjandar (10 days ago) #25874835Thank you very nuch and I'm assuming you saw that whole ordeal... Suprisibgly eniugh I hate fights and arguments...
I did through a friend and wanted to see what it was all about, i felt really bad for you and decided to give you a kind message to cheer you up.
I hope it worked. and i really do like your Miku figures, i have some myself too (mostly figma)

wich language do you preffer? english or dutch? i can speak both. and your always free to message me or PM me.
010 days agoKiruKiruKiruKiru
Hey I really love your Miku collection, they are very lovey.
also i noticed you had autism aswell so heres a fellowautistic dutchie giving you a virtual hug *hugs*
have a nice day and happy collecting
010 days agoYamanekoYamaneko
Thanks for FR :)
010 days agozeixblezeixble
franjandar (10 days ago) #25862785Hello, I was wondering if you're still going to continue with your youtube channel or if you dropped it completly, either way I still really like watching your YouTube channel!

Hi~ I've ended up dropping it completely :) Initially was meant to be a hiatus when I had some technical difficulties (lost all my recordings etc) but along the way I slowed down on my purchases as well so I ended up stopping completely. I still post on instagram some of the figures I buy and I'm willing to answer any questions, if you have any :) Thanks for watching my videos!
010 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
franjandar (17 days ago) #25553900Yeah Death Note... Oh man nostalgia...
No problem and thank you :) Yeah Dutcj taxes are lso high, I found Aoba (max factory 1/7) for around 75 euro's on solaris japan and he costed me aroubd 200 euro's after shipping and taxing.

Yeah, ikr? Now it just happened that I'm remembering that Netflix Death Note bs. LMAO.

But regarding the taxes, what is the % they've charged you?
011 days agolightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
franjandar (15 days ago) #25655648Ja ik heb de Link DX nendoroid gekocht van Archonia, het ws zo duur en het is nogsteeds niet binnen gekomen
:( Oh en dankje dat wist ik niet, ik zal wel bij hun vanaf nu pre-orderen

Ooh ja klopt, dat komt omdat het eerst per boot wordt verstuurd van Japan naar het warenhuis van Archonia en per boot is gegarandeerd minstens 2 maanden wachten. :(
012 days agoNendoNowNendoNow
franjandar (13 days ago) #25746772Sorry for the late reply, I was already sleeping yesterday, but it's really no problem, your videos are really entertaining!
Oh and I had one more question, would you like to see any nendoroid (or figures) of Mekakucity Actors? I would personally like to see a nendoroid of Ene and Mary. I really love Mekakucity Actors, but it'sreally ocnfusing sometimes if you hadn't read the manga and light novels before watching the anime, so I understand why people don't like it.
Oh and would you like to see more nendoroids of the cast of Durarara!!? I would personally love to see nendoroids of Izaya (specifically the cellphone stomping scene would be amazing XD), Shizuo, Kida, Anri and last but not least: Mikado! Or just the whole cast is fine too XD

Sure, the more nendos the better! I like Mekakucity Actors, that was a cool anime. I don't really like Durarara though, but I wouldn't be against more nendos from there.
014 days agoCeciCeci
Sorry it took a while to accept the request haha.
014 days agoCuradoCurado
franjandar (19 days ago) #25501039No problem and it's also very nice to meet you! I really like your collection!
Thx :P
I see that You also like Vocaloids :)
I like talking about stuff related to anime, so if You'll be bored, feel free to message me :P
014 days agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
franjandar (17 days ago) #25553951No problem and thank you very much :) You're collection is awesome I could never think of a way to paint garage kits as good as you!Awe you're so sweet, thank you! I believe that everyone can paint a GK if they try. If you ever have any questions about the hobby feel free to send me a message on Facebook or a PM on here ;) I'm much less active on here due to the v4 change but I still try to respond to PMs lol.
014 days agoNendoNowNendoNow
franjandar (14 days ago) #25726725Okay and btw thank you for your reply! This is probably the first time I've ever gotten a reply from one of my favourite youtubers! Your vids are really awesome and I love the little sketches at the beginning of your videos! :)

Aww No problem!! :D Thank you for watching my videos!

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