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melon_gabengcui (1 year ago) #12041497We share the same flavor of collections--male figure!
(・ω< )★And I think you're a quite interesting person through your introduction.Your comments on Aoba impress me a lot.///w///I'm from China and my English is just-so-so.Hope we can be friends and share more thoughts.

Hi! first of all, thank you to send me a FR ^^, you're so kind. As you said, we have the same taste hahaha (I love your Tomoe figure *-*). I'm really glad to accept you ^^
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Thats awesome happy you like our chit chat figure reviews! It is fun to have other people's opinion sometimes I love chatting with people and with Mia to see what they think of certain figures ^.^ melon_gabengcui (1 year ago) #9946007Thanks for accepting!I'm quite interested in your vedio with roommate,which leads me to refresh my thoughts about those PVCs.That's quite an enjoyment to listen to how you think of them and share the same hobby.SO COOL(・ω< )★
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Thank you for the find request!
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哈哈哈 呱呱你太可爱了melon_gabengcui (1 year ago) #9700122大老师hhh(≧ω≦)/可是我是英语渣!太苦逼了这网站⋯⋯每次看评论要翻电子词典QAQ
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HOHO! To be the first kawaii Girl on my cute Guagua's profile BBS! XD
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melon_gabengcui (1 year ago) #9224687Oh,I am sorry for my inaccurate reply.Because Aspire is a newly established company in Hongkong,the release of Baihua is earlier in China than other places.Official release should be in May still.It's difficult for me to acquire more information about Aspire and I get kown of this from my surrounding friends.Well it appears AmiAmi now has her in stock, right now, so you weren't far off on it being released.
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Did you get Bai Hua already? I've been thinking about getting this figure after it's released, but I didn't know it was released already.
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hhh~I admire your perseverance (according your descriptions nearly 6years and it may be even longer~WOW!)and passions for PVC collections a lot.Poor my English is,I'm eager to communicate with those enthusiastic collectors and share my joys --it's really amazing to own a product instructed by one's favorite painting or charactor.I've just begun my collecting journey for shooting more creative photos since November last year and wish to accomplish a hope list one day.^^Hope we can enjoy the collectiong process!Temreian (1 year ago) #8835703"(>_<)more friends,more communication&discussion"
Indeed friend, conversion is good ^_^
By the way, I really like the your Final Dragon Chronicle figures.
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"(>_<)more friends,more communication&discussion"

Indeed friend, conversion is good ^_^

By the way, I really like the your Final Dragon Chronicle figures.
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嘎嘣脆 鸡肉味~
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原来不兔兔,是另外的土豪,回复那么快是因为现在很闲melon_gabengcui (1 year ago) #6348976才不是(>_<)兔兔那么壕,→_→我是土瓜那么土(小透明一枚!话说你回复好及时!
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这肯定是兔兔没错了melon_gabengcui (1 year ago) #6348961噜噜噜(>_<)!吧花吼!hhhhhh
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I understand where you are coming from I too like to chat and meet new people. I have met some interesting people while doing this hobby. Let us hope that you get to also meet interesting people that you can be friends with and that you can thus have great conversations with.

= )

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