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012 hours agoJustMoEJustMoE
Really looking forward to your unboxing of Ques Q's Scathach :) Still considering getting her myself, though I'm not sure whether she'd stand out next to Alter's beautiful Heyagi Mode version of her.
03 days agofranjandarfranjandar
murialita (3 days ago) #26149515Eh, as much as I like to joke around, it's good to see you have your actual priorities in order. There really are people that would forgo the roof repair to buy figures or other things like that.
Yeah I get what you mean, my mum grew up quite poor and in Romania during the times were ehm things happened (I don't really want to think about it) so her priorities were always necessities over luxuries, I kind of took that over from her.
03 days agofranjandarfranjandar
murialita (3 days ago) #26148364Who needs a roof when you can have a foxy maid! She'll clean up the drips for you! And I have Plum's Scathach. This one is Ques Q's version of her. I tried to pass, but I just love the way the body lines look too much.
I wish that would happen XD Oh that makes sence, yeah the Qeus Q ver. does look a lot better then the Plum one now that I look at it... But I will resist buying her! First a roof and then all the plastic anime girls I can imagine! :P
03 days agofranjandarfranjandar
I see you've ordered Tamamo... I'm jelous :( I don't have the money for her since my darn roof is leaking and I have to spend 1K euro's for repairs... But eitherway I saw you've ordered a schathach again, but don't you have the same one already?
010 days agofranjandarfranjandar
murialita (10 days ago) #25881199Iowa doesn't really do it for me, so I'll likely pass on her. Plus she's pretty darn expensive.
Yeah she is, but the boat parts look so freaking awesome! I am very tempted...
010 days agoBattlebearBattlebear
murialita (11 days ago) #25822830Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much!
010 days agofranjandarfranjandar
Wil you buy Iowa or have you ever thought about buying her? [ext link ]
017 days agofranjandarfranjandar
murialita (17 days ago) #25566809Yeah, I try to do my streams on Thursdays at 6:30PM Eastern Time. I think that's 12:30 AM on Friday your time.
Normally your streams start at around 01:30 AM on friday. Thanks for clarifying!
017 days agofranjandarfranjandar
murialita (17 days ago) #25564950She's too expensive for me. I like the way she looks, but not $200 worth of like.
Yeah that's true... Oh btw is it that you stream every thursday or?
017 days agofranjandarfranjandar
Will you ever buy this figure: [ext link ]
'cause I think I'm going to pre-order her... My first Idol figure I have ver thought about getting
018 days agoHiroyoHiroyo
murialita (20 days ago) #25441204Happy Birthday!
Thank you! :)
01 month agoWinter7Winter7
Thank youmurialita (1 month ago) #25058204Happy Birthday!
11 month agolordmacntonlordmacnton The Worthless
murialita (1 month ago) #24028655Happy Birthday!
Thank you :)
Keep up the good work with the videos!
02 months agojzdavidjzdavid
not sure if you've seen this already but just in case ill just leave this here :) item #549439
02 months agosaphire17saphire17
murialita (2 months ago) #23254925Happy Birthday!

thanks murialita, today arrive my yamai twins it's like a birthday present I am happy.
02 months agoleahemilylarkin1leahemilylarkin1
Thank you! XD

murialita (2 months ago) #22888772Happy Birthday!!
02 months agojzdavidjzdavid
murialita (2 months ago) #22888777Happy Birthday!!

OMG Thank you :) How did you know it's my Birthday?
13 months agoYankeeAllStarsYankeeAllStars
murialita (3 months ago) #22179903Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much!!! ^_^

I really enjoyed your Himejima Akeno unboxing video and I might get her for my birthday lol
33 months agoWinter7Winter7
Chill videos man love the let's browse, and your reviews are informative and detailed keep up the good work.
43 months agoNiceey17FSNiceey17FS
Hi, thanks for accepting! :)
Love watching your chatty unboxings and let's browse videos, keep going ^.^

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