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  • Coupon-driven store with little leniency

    I've had very positive experiences with TOM when it comes to shipping. They are upfront about shipping costs which leaves little room for surprise and they package items very well.

    There's no question that one of the major appeals of TOM is the coupons, since they often sell items at, or above, MSRP. However, they cannot change the coupon applied to an order, even shortly after it was placed. The fact that a store with such a complex coupon system cannot modify an order to use a different coupon is disappointing.
    7 months ago
  • Pay 100% up front then they steal back the points you earned

    Had a large amount of points & didn't know they expired within 6 mths. Went to order an item & use the points toward the purchase, they were all gone. Contacted customer service & they said they couldn't do anything about it as it was too past the expiration time frame. WTF it's like 3-4 weeks past, why do they expire in the first place, seriously take care of your freaking customers. Now my supposedly great deals months ago were a rip off. They make us pay 100% up front & the points expire before the product arrives. Just waiting for them to go out of business next & keep my money ala MHToy
    8 months ago
  • TOM

    + Colorful and easy to navigate website
    + Great selection of figures to browse
    + Packaging is very protective of figures and includes nice little bonuses (Art sleeves, stickers, etc.)
    + Site has a point system with various promotions to support frequent customers

    - Point system exploitation is necessary to compensate for inflated prices compared to other US based stores.
    - Site FLOODS your inbox with promotions, notifications, and pesky reminders.
    - In 2017 they introduced a terrible "Premium Membership" that charges you a monthly fee in exchange for weak discounts.
    8 months ago
  • ????

    PO'd a calendar in early December for Xmas since it was listed for December release. Waited til Jan 6 to email them (item still said December and wasn't yet shipped). Asked to change to SAL shipping (+ difference refunded) since Xmas had already passed and I wasn't about to pay $25 for 1 calendar. Found it being sold (not for PO) on other sites, so I then asked for a full refund instead. TOM messaged me back saying "ACTUALLY we sent it last Friday uh our website just didn't update. Here's your tracking #. You'll get a shipping email soon. It'll take a few days to say it's been shipped." ??? ok
    8 months ago
  • TOM scamming

    In my 10 yr plus of anime/manga figure collection I've never had such a bad dealing with a seemingly legit large anime store before.

    They're scammers, all their promotions always ended up costing you more, especially the membership discount; they jack up shipping cost; don't give options like small packet and such that other shops like AmiAmi and Hobby Search does. Then they auto renew your membership; adding on all the policies so that you can't even cancel. Can't cancel until 30 days; wants you to forget you subscribed and can't refund money!!! Not good for anyone that frequently travel a
    9 months ago
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