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  • my first preorder with solaris

    I just made my first order on Solaris, pre-order Dva. So far everything has been very good, the Solaris customer service is very efficient and quite friendly, this makes you feel comfortable with them.
    On the other hand I call my attention that Solaris asked me to confirm my personal data with my identification, this was strange to me, so I communicated with their customer service and they kindly answered that it was due to a Solaris security problem and that a Once the required information was verified, there would be no problem with my order, so I found it acceptable.
    I am waiting for my package to be sent and as soon as I receive it I will update my experience with Solaris.

    This afternoon I received the item that I bought in solaris.
    I'll start mentioning that the shipment was made fast enough without any kind of inconvenience.
    The packaging was very good, the best I've seen so far, the box came very well protected with several air bags and the item including its box were in perfect condition.

    After my experience with solaris I conclude mentioning that they have a service and attention of high quality, I recommend the store and I will go back to order with them
    1 month ago
  • My favorite for Second Hand Items

    I Lately bought from them a lot. All of my orders were pre owned

    * Item condition as discriped
    * well packaged
    * the Custom Friendly Invoice (Worked all the Time so far)
    * shipping Price for "regular with Tracking" are fine
    * Item often arrives After 5 Days (not including German customs)
    * i got a lot of discount Codes as a loyal Customer (up to ¥1000)

    * it sometimes Take some Time until they Shop out the Item (Maybe its because all of Mine were pre-owned)
    * If regular shipping is not avalible its a very slow shipping methode or expensive
    1 month ago
  • Highly recommend them if you want to avoid custom fees!

    Absolutely love their custom friendly invoice option. I'd probably get hit with over 100$+ custom fees for a 300$ figure I ordered. However, the figure did arrive damaged when it was listed 4.5/5 stars on their site. I messaged them about it and over the course of 2 days they gave me a partial refund via JapanSolaris gift card.

    Mistakes happen and they are human afterall. Their custom service = 10/10. I will order from them again. :)
    1 month ago
  • First time buying from Solaris

    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to navigate the site and place an order. Their best feature in my opinion is the invoice slider option where you choose the amount that will be shown on the invoice. I bought 2 pre-owned figures and they both went through customs without a problem. A great option for those who want to avoid extra import fees. Also, the figures that I ordered look brand new even though thy were rated B. They do however sometimes take longer than 3 days to ship your order, but they also take the time to notify you in case this happens. Great customer service and a recommended store.
    2 months ago
  • First time buying - Good impression

    [Update order from oversea below]
    So this is first time I try order from Solaris Japan. After few search and review reading there are bad and also good talking about Solaris. But I decide to try for once to see myself rather than assume.

    First impression is about their website, quite easy to use and English friendly. I sent them few email to ask about payment option and if they have local store or not. They replied rely quick and friendly

    I pre-ordered Yukishiro Fuyuka Bunny ver from them. After she is released they took 2 days to proceed with my order (fair because they state it on their website). Then the package come really fast (although I only choose Regular shipping option, this I guess, thanks to JP post). I quite pleased because they do as they said "Carefully packed with ♥"; my Yukishiro is wrapped with bubble wrap and around her box has another air cushion as well. She were shipped to me safe and sound, no scratch on the box.

    And with that shipping my Yukishiro is in a very good condition. I am very pleased with this experience. Glad they have option to ship to my country as well, definitely buy again from them when I back to my country. Next time maybe I will try pre-owned items to see if they rate their pre-owned item right.

    Wish they have a physical store and offer free tax xD
    I hope they implement member point in their website and conduct sale/ special event more

    [Update on oversea order]

    So I tried again with Solaris, this time I back at my country (not in japan anymore). The overall is still good, they packed my order well, my items was arrive safe and sound, the pre-owned item is also in good condition and same with the rating on their website. But then 1 problem happened. I realized my order missed an poster for one of my limited item, i searched for it first inside the parcel again but nothing found. So i contacted Solaris, their reply and act quite quick. Another replacement poster was sent to me later. Problem solved, still good impression for Solaris Japan. Thank you
    2 months ago
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