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  • LadyDawn Slightly Neurotic
    Buyer Beware of Policies

    I'm sure this site is great if you get what you ordered, but ordering through Solaris was the first time I've ever had a purchase go missing in almost a decade of importing from outside of the US.

    And while it's not their fault that my package was lost, the way they handled the situation was crap. I waited four months for an order to arrive because I went with the cheapest shipping method due to the fact that the options are pretty costly. I suppose that's how they supplement their low prices. The first order I made, I made a mistake. I contacted customer service and they were very understanding and gave me a store credit so that I could apply my money to a figure I wanted. Great. After a few days of processing, my figure was sent out via a barge.

    Initially, the tracking number updated to say that my package left Japan. Then? Nothing. No updates for the four months that Solaris said it would take to ship. I waited patiently for any news, then reached out to Solaris customer service again. It was *obvious* from the shipping information that the package had been lost, but they insisted on following procedure and sending an inquiry through the US Postal service. When that turned up nothing, they moved forward with an inquiry with the Japan Post. The website says the following: "If a package appears to have been lost, we will launch an investigation with the Japan Post in order to try and find it. Please note that the investigation process has no fixed timeframe and can take up to 3 months to complete." Which is utter nonsense considering in my case the package was very obviously lost. As a consumer who has spent a couple of hundred dollars for something that was never received, that's abysmally poor customer service.

    I ended up disputing the cost with my bank, after which I got a message from Solaris asking me to drop the dispute so that they could look for the package through Japan Post. What?? They'd had my money for months and I had nothing to show for it, but they wanted me to sit for another few months just so they could follow procedure? Sorry, but no. After telling them I wasn't going to cancel the dispute, I haven't heard from customer service again. Not even an apology for the inconvenience. I will never be buying from this store again.
    2 months ago
  • First Order

    Mostly everything went smoothly, you have to pay the preorder when you order so it might not be cool for some people because of currency flutuating
    The shipping options for Europe were only 2, so not that good, but maybe that's because the situation in EU right now, but you can undervalue
    They answered my mails promptly and helped me.
    Packaging was mostly okay

    Mostly i'm happy with my experience, would buy again!
    3 months ago
  • First Pre Owned order

    while being 4\5 for both box and item, they arrived in mint condition, excellent package, all parts present and at reasonable price. Brand new items are priced above average though.

    I highly recommend them if you want to minimize your customs fees, Solaris has flexible friendly invoice option.
    4 months ago
  • First order

    Being located in Australia we don't have many anime merchandise or figure stores and the range is very limited. I came across Solaris due to their wide range including hard to find figures. Their prices are much cheaper than here, did some calculations on a few items including express shipping and they all turned out still cheaper or similar in price. Ordered express on Thursday 14th, item was shipped on Monday 18th which was within their described time-frame and it arrived one week later on Monday 25th. Not too shabby considering how slow Australia Post can be. It spent the same amount of time being processed in Australia as it did actually leaving and being in transit from Japan, so was very fast on their end. Was pleasently surprised that the tracking actually included her transit within Aus where as I've had other overseas orders drop from the system once getting here. Her box came in a plastic sleeve, a bubblewrap sleeve then a layer of chunky bubblewrap top and bottom and small airbags on one side. Not bad packaging by any means, if it were me I'd probably use a bit more but I tend to go over the top. Her box was very sturdy so they could've taken that in to account. I'm happy with the delivery time, packaging and very happy with the product. I'd contacted their customer service before purchase to discuss a couple of things and their replies were prompt, informative and friendly. Also appreciated that the site shows the shipping prices and time estimates upfront. I purchased on mobile and didn't see an import fee option in the checkout but I'm fine with the shipping costs since like I said, it still ended up cheaper than here. Searching the site is easy, however there's two things I'd love to see implemented which are wishlist and notification options. I'm having to take screenshots to manage my wishlist and if they get an out of stock item back in stock or pre-owned there's no way to know unless you search manually, although they might post in the comments section of items here on MFC so that's good. Was a very pleasant experience, will buy from them again.
    5 months ago
  • my first preorder with solaris

    I just made my first order on Solaris, pre-order Dva. So far everything has been very good, the Solaris customer service is very efficient and quite friendly, this makes you feel comfortable with them.
    On the other hand I call my attention that Solaris asked me to confirm my personal data with my identification, this was strange to me, so I communicated with their customer service and they kindly answered that it was due to a Solaris security problem and that a Once the required information was verified, there would be no problem with my order, so I found it acceptable.
    I am waiting for my package to be sent and as soon as I receive it I will update my experience with Solaris.

    This afternoon I received the item that I bought in solaris.
    I'll start mentioning that the shipment was made fast enough without any kind of inconvenience.
    The packaging was very good, the best I've seen so far, the box came very well protected with several air bags and the item including its box were in perfect condition.

    After my experience with solaris I conclude mentioning that they have a service and attention of high quality, I recommend the store and I will go back to order with them
    7 months ago
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