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2★ - Worse over the years
Their customer service is horrible, way understaffed as well (that's probably why they are always grumpy). They told me there were 3 staff members who handles the international incoming mails -_-'

Somehow whenever something happens it's never their fault.

But that's not the biggest issue. Their shipout time is even worse, takes them about a week (or more) to ship out prio shipping DHL/EMS. Kinda defeats the purpose of having express shipping.

This part was handled way better in the past.

The only good thing still going on is their item selection which is second to none and.

In the end it's a business like any other but I hope some other companies can grow a bit more to compete more forcing AmiAmi to do better
1 month ago
5★ - Hands Down- THE BEST
Experience is everything with reviews, and AmiAmi is the ONLY place I have ever ordered figures from that get it perfect every single time with no snags. Their website is incredibly easy to navigate and figure out, they don't require payment up front until after shipping is calculated, the packages I receive always come in safely with no damage or harm, and the selection they keep and grow is outstanding. I've purchased figures from AmiAmi that were new, preowned, and preordered without any issue. Their prices are also, in my experiences, the lowest you can find and by far the most fair. They even let you choose shipping options upon payment, even if you preselected a shipping option. I'll always get most of my figures from AmiAmi.
1 month ago
1★ - Very bad customer service
As been a loyal customer for years, they treated me like trash and deleted my account. I'll bring my money gladly elsewhere
3 months ago
3★ - Find a better alternative - they are not great anymore
+ The store is reliable.
+ Packaging is great.
+ Have exclusives.

Negative points:
- Have exclusives only to them (I wish the whole concept of exclusive with AmiAmi would not exist and you could get the figures normally on oher shops / amazon)
- they demand the 10% tax resulting in higher prices; and since we have our local tax (20-25%) to pay, we shouldn't be forced to pay japanese tax as well.

- they take FOREVER to ship out items (had to wait 4 weeks recently for a figure to be shipped out!)

- website sometimes loads very slowly / sometimes not at all

- it seems recently prices have increased for second hand figures (what a pity)

- they discriminate against international customers in pricing. e.g. 1/4 Taiga by Freeing (Tiger version) cost 18,000Yen on the japanese site, while at the same time it costs 22270Yen on the international site ...so not only do we always pay japanese tax but we also sometimes pay higher figure costs.
3 months ago
2★ - Takes months to ship out parcels.
Has been my to-go shop for figurines for over 10 years.

However, after their recent aggressive marketing, they don't seem to be able to keep up anymore.

Two years ago it would take like 1-2 business days to ship my order.

In 2023 it takes about a month and half to get an order shipped out after payment. (plus an additional week or two for actual shipping by air)

Will be finding alternatives now.

Only order if you don't mind waiting for months to get the items shipped out.
7 months ago
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