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  • My personal number two.

    AmiAmi pros:
    + they got soooooooooo much stuff
    + they often got exclusive deals for figures that you can't get elsewhere without paying a lot extra, or additional bonuses such as face-plates etc
    + they are reliable
    + they know how to invoice so you get your things faster through inspection

    AmiAmi cons:
    - unknown shipping rate for pre order, hard to calculate the end price
    - their ordering/payment processes require a lot of extra confirmation, several emails, logging in after clicking on links and so on - it's a bit antiquated
    - they send out merchandise in packaging that is way too large and way too expensive*
    -customer service requests usually end with "we are sorry but can't do anything"

    *Examples: Rubber strap box in a package that would fit a figure. Desk mats are being sent out laying flat. I know they do this because a minority of collectors want mint packaging, but it bothers me to pay so much shipping.

    Conclusion: AmiAmi is my go-to place for all anime merchandise. Sometimes I also order their exclusive deal figures. I don't like that I can't see how much I will end up paying for pre-orders because the shipping costs only appear when the item has arrived in stock. Anyway, it's one of the best shops.
    2 months ago
  • Great Site!

    My go-to place to get figures. I find the site easy to navigate and it easy to save items for later. I have ordered several times and have never had problems with either new/pre-orders or pre-owned items. Preowned items have been in great condition. Always packed well and I always like seeing the next illustration when I open the parcel.
    7 months ago
  • AmiAmi Review

    Slow website & limited for overseas
    Shipping cost over priced
    Shipping with no protection just box in box no bubble wrap
    Never used again after that experience
    9 months ago
  • Good site

    I first ordered from this site late April, got the payment request and shipping notification late May and arrived mid-June. It arrived on Friday 14th according to my tracker and picked it up on 18th. Honestly kind of disappointed because I thought I would get a pickup request in the mail on Monday but nope. Their prices was decent depending on the items you want. But their packaging could've been better. It a cardboard box with more solid paper and didn't damage my order surprisingly, but I was expecting bubble wrap for a nice aesthetic finish. At the same even though I paid around 17000yen, for the order including shipping, I still had to pay some extra when picking it up from the post office. I guess it's the "import charge" they don't have control over.
    11 months ago
  • Good but could be the best

    It is the first time I buy from them. Overall positive experience. The only flaw is the packaging that could be done better. Don't get me wrong, fast shipping and figures in perfect condition ... but given the type of packaging, something could have gone wrong. Anyway I don't see why I don't recommend amiami
    1 year ago
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