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  • Good shipping carriers and products, SLOW shipping times

    I've got 3 orders with them at the time of writing this. 1 has been delivered, took 5.5 months to receive. One was a preorder, which they send you the bill for once it arrives in their warehouse. I only choose the sea saver option to mail to US, and once it arrives here it goes through UPS. Great shipping company to go through, but it is a bit expensive. Last order I am completely unsure of it's status. I've paid the shipping and everything, and it's said Processing Shipping for the past 3 months, so I'm assuming it's in transit somewhere, but unable to actually track it.

    The only real big negatives I can think for Amiami are:
    -Their site is terrible. TOM has a far better site to navigate, hopefully Amiami keeps trying to make the site better.
    -Their updates on shipping. I NEVER receive a notice when something ships from JP, and only get the notice once it arrives in the US. So for 4-5 months it sits on their site as "Processing Shipping" then will just be in the US one day.
    -Their shipping speed is super slow.
    -Payment options. Being from the US, I have 1 option, Paypal. So my cost is determined by whatever Paypal decides their current exchange rate is.
    21 days ago
  • fuck yeah

    amiami is the best shop out there.
    shipping is a nightmare but customer service is on point. amiami is the best for pre-orders since they don't take your money upfront.
    2 months ago
  • Great Store with nice prices

    Trustworthy store! The only thing that's annoying is probably the shipping.
    2 months ago
  • No complaints here.

    Earlier this year, I encountered my first real problem using amiami. Figure came with her head snapped off, which wasn't amiami's fault (the packaging wasn't damaged and everything was still sealed).
    They asked me to send the broken figure back, and as soon as I did send them the tracking number, they reimbursed my shipping costs and sent out a replacement. I think this is the best customer service one could reasonably expect.
    Other than that, their prices are good, sometimes you can get a great deal on sth preowned and they'll add a nice little amiami post card to each order. The fact that you need to ask them for a quote on shipping costs even for in-stock items is a bit annoying, but they usually respond within a day or two.
    3 months ago
  • Helpful, quick, friendly

    I was nervous about using this site because I try to buy within the US, after getting burned by Buyee. I was wary because AmiAmi didn't have a shipping price at the checkout, so I asked for an estimate, and they got back to me within a day, with a price that was more than fair.

    I ended up buying a gift for my sister's birthday, and got it within a week! I was really happy because I didn't expect to get it in time. The package was packed nicely and came with a cute postcard.

    Overall great experience, I'd definitely do business with them again.
    4 months ago
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