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  • Great Site!

    My go-to place to get figures. I find the site easy to navigate and it easy to save items for later. I have ordered several times and have never had problems with either new/pre-orders or pre-owned items. Preowned items have been in great condition. Always packed well and I always like seeing the next illustration when I open the parcel.
    3 days ago
  • Positive

    Never an issue before Rona~ After is a different story, but I dont blame them~
    27 days ago
  • Threats and Coercion

    As we all know COVID is making difficult to receive goods through international deals. But I expected a good management of this issues from a huge shop as amiami, and not to be threatened and finally banned.
    I thought you all should know how this people deal with custom difficulties.

    My items where returned from local customs to Japan without prior notice. They never arrived to my city and I couldn’t manage an alternative solution. The shipment was expensive and amiami requested that I payed all shipment fees again. I refused, it was not my responsibility that the package didn’t arrive. I opened a Paypal dispute because I understood that this was about the shipping company, and not amiami’s business. They threatened me to close the dispute or they would ”cease business” with me if I elevated the dispute to PayPal. I didn’t respond to their coercion and made a complaint. I won the dispute and in result they banned my account.

    That’s the kind of customer service they make: threats and coercion behind PayPal’s backs to force you admit their unfair conditions.

    If you can you better find a better shop with a better customer service.
    2 months ago
  • amiami review

    This is the only company I buy from. they are awesome and very reliable. i 100% recommend amiami.
    2 months ago
  • Good store - Trustworthy

    I have already bought a few figures from amiami.

    So far there was never been any problems for me. Good quality, safely packed and there is a large selection of figures and other items.

    I can recommend it.
    2 months ago
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