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  • Worst online shop Ive used.

    Bad prices, no communication when contacted, complicated site, lacking item descriptions, not enough items for everyone to buy especially with preorders. I couldnt log in to my account for a week and again no communication when contacted. Their site is slow as hell. This site is only used by noobs who dont know better. Amiami also has most expensive shipping, compared to other shops.
    4 months ago
  • warped blister

    My order of Nendoroid Suiren from Amiami arrived recently. However the blister plastic shrunk. https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/makochan1530595137.jpeg

    This made the back of the faceplates go inwards thus making it difficult to fit onto the head.


    The rest of the nendoroid is ok it seems.

    I emailed amiami however their reply was that there is no issue because nothing is missing or broken. I then emailed Goodsmilecompany telling them about this issue. Has anybody had any sort of issues with amiami regarding their package ? What was their reply to you ?
    5 months ago
  • best figure shop

    AmiAmi is my first shop if i order figures. this site is always reliable.
    6 months ago
  • Trusty ol' AmiAmi

    As I just had to leave a very poor review for another company (which was not fun to do) I felt I should balance things out by sending some praise to a company that has served me right for many years. I can always rely on AmiAmi to have what I want, their stock is amazing and I preorder from them on a routine basis. I've also obtained a number of good deals through their sale section and through their preowned section. If I have ever encountered an issue it has only been a couple times and each time it was a broken figure due to manufacturing error, they have replaced the figure both times with only picture evidence from me and they do it at rapid speed. I would also like to note that I have moved ALOT in the last couple years and with every change of address I have never had an issue, the products always make it to the right door step. Every time I receive an order it is meticulously packaged with great care, nothing has ever been broken due to their packaging. With all of that being said I would like to say thank you to AmiAmi for being a trustworthy company, that has what I need, and thank you to your customer service staff who are always quick to answer questions in a polite way!
    10 months ago
  • Very good shop but no SAL for France

    I love this shop for there website where I usually browse to find figure, they have good prices and nice picture of the item.

    But I ordered 2 Kantai Collection figures and I couldn't ship with SAL nor pay with a credit card. The total shipping cost for EMS was 50€ because of added taxes from Chronopst in France, if you're buying from France, be aware of the 21€ added at the arrival of the package (With 20% VAT most of the time with EMS).

    However, don't be afraid by my review, this shop is still my number one web shop for buying anime product. Both item arrived in good condition and the price of the figures themselves where very good (one item on sale and one pre-owned).
    Picture of the figure are on my profile (Shimakaze and Yuudachi from Kantai Collection)
    10 months ago
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