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  • Reliable and easy to use

    I’ve only used this proxy service a few times so far but it’s got a very easy to use website, the fees are decent and service is good.
    8 months ago
    Glad you are enjoying the service so far and thanks for taking the time to review. We hope to continue helping you in the future!

    The White Rabbit Express Team
  • Incredible service

    I used the White Rabbit Express service to buy a ticket to a B’z show. Sales were starting on a Saturday morning, but, for an additional fee, they were still willing to buy the ticket for me. Just in several hours (their response time is excellent), a day before the sales would start, we agreed on terms. Tickets to B’z are always being sold out just in minutes, but it didn’t prevent WRE staff from getting the ticket for the exact time and spot I wanted it to be.
    Can’t say anything about shipping because I picked up the ticket in person from their warehouse in Tokyo.
    In total, I paid $32 on top of a ticket’s price ($88/¥9500) including a ¥1000 fee for an out of hours purchase what is completely understandable.
    So, the service was nothing but a pleasure. My request was a bit unordinary, but WRE fulfilled it completely. The staff was nice and kindly answered all of my questions. Also, their site’s interface is simple and easy to use.
    Thanks again! It was my dream for years to see B'z live.
    1 year ago
    Glad we could help make a dream come true! Thanks for the feedback!

    The White Rabbit Express Team
  • Costly, but a good service

    WRE has excellent customer support, employees who speak fluent english, and an easy to use website. They support pre-ordering items, and anything that cannot be bought will be fully refunded. WRE also offers a wide array of shipping options; airmail/epacket is a personal favourite of mine.

    As I mentioned in the title, the service is quite pricy; there's a 6$ per shop fee (recently upped), in addition to a 1$ per item fee, and on top of that there's also a 12.5% service fee. Yeesh. In exchange, however, customer service is top notch and there are no "plans" or consolidation fees to work with as everything is already included.

    So far, I've successfully bought items from a number of stores/sites (Y!Auctions, Mercari, Animate, Tower, Suruga-ya, etc.) and I have had no problems with their packing or anything else; everything has arrived safely to me after being consolidated. :)

    Now for one complaint: one thing I don't really like is that all items prices are converted to USD, and all fees are calculated and charged in USD as well. I can imagine this would be convenient if I lived in the US, however I do not and the currency exchange for USD->CAD can be quite brutal on my end. If it was an option, I would much rather be charged in JPY instead of going through multiple conversions. :P
    2 years ago
    Thanks for the review! We definitely understand that USD can be a problem for those outside America. We hope to charge in JPY as well one day but have no solid plans at this stage.

    The White Rabbit Express Team
  • Service down

    Excuse me, but I would like to know what's going on with your service?

    I've contacted you more than once, because of an auction on yahoo.jp but you do not answer me! :s

    Please I appreciate it that you to clarify me.
    2 years ago
    Sorry, we don't check here very often. Were you contacting us out of office hours? We usually reply to all inquiries via email within one business day. If you aren't getting replies from us still can you please PM us?
  • Annoying, reliable - 3/5

    Everything rated as 10 is irrelevant for this review other than the website which I found simple to use with functions other websites don't have.

    Staff are very helpful but there were a few issues which I will list.
    - I asked if I could pay only a deposit for a pre-order to which I was told yes & was even explained how I could do it. When I processed the order a different staff member told me I couldn't do that & was told the previous staff I talked to was referring to something else (not true).
    - I was charged a higher price for pick-up fees than which was agreed on, it was corrected after I mentioned something but shouldn't have happened to begin with.

    The lack of updates during my order was frustrating especially when I was told pickups were being made on certain days & not even contacted back after those days had passed.

    They charge only in USD which only adds to the cost for myself (about 2-2.5%).

    Finally, a poster hand-signed by my favourite artist which was a bonus for an item arrived with creases on it because it was bubbled wrapped within in the box rather than being packed in a tube/box of its own. I will unlikely ever find this poster for sale if I wanted another.

    Overall, I can say they will bend over backwards to get the items you want but it is costly.
    A more accurate rating would be 3/5 but since some of these are irrelevant it's a 4+
    2 years ago
    While your experience was not ideal thank you for the great review. The mixups occurred due to some training issues with staff that we have now corrected but I understand that really is not a good excuse. We'll be sure to pass on the feedback on the poster packaging though!
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