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  • RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
    One of the better otaku media shops in the US

    (Revised Apr. 23, 2021) If you live in the US, this is a good place to go for anime and manga. Their selection is excellent-- they have pretty much every manga and anime in print in North America, along with figures and merch-- and their customer service is decent. The free shipping threshold is currently US$75 (US$250 in Canada), and their packaging is good, but not as good as it used to be.

    Speaking of which, they've grown a lot more strict when it comes to returns. Oftentimes, I find that it's simpler just to rebuy a damaged book from them or another shop, like InStockTrades, and hope to get a better copy than to go through customer support and eventually risk being banned for too many returns (plus, they don't cover return shipping). To be honest, I would shift all my manga buying to InStockTrades, which is infamous for their stellar packing jobs, if not for the fact that Right Stuf's selection is much better and they pack well enough most of the time. Still, if you're picky about item condition, especially for manga, it's something to be aware of.

    Their "Got Anime?" membership is worth signing up for if you buy a lot from them. Currently, Got Anime discounts are around 5% off for most newer items (many years ago, it used to be 10%), and there are exclusive sales and some other benefits.

    As for figures, I've bought a few from them, which arrived in excellent condition. Most promotional discounts, like Got Anime?, don't apply to figures, but they do run dedicated figure sales from time to time. Combined with shipping, their figure prices aren't the best, but they are a good place to check if you're after anything that's sold out at other shops.

    Finally, Right Stuf has a couple of major sales every year, one in the summer and one during the winter holidays, with plenty of discounted manga and anime, bundles, and so on. Their mailing list is a good way to keep up with all of their sales, though they're a bit overzealous with how many promotional emails they send out.
    1 month ago
  • not bad

    used them a couple of times, they sometimes get some really cool exclusives (like the gundam wing bluray anniversary box set i got from them which included an artbook and several other goodies). since they're based in the US the shipping isn't too bad for me.
    2 years ago
  • Slow and Bad Customer Service

    So I wanted to modify my order and I emailed/opened a case right after I placed the order which is just minutes after. After two days of no response they informed me my order is already shipped out on the day of (So in those two days they couldn't catch my package or check my order/msg?) I also gave customer service a call but no answer. My god the voice machine is very bad and annoying. I know this is a anime store but the voice thing is quite disturbing when I just wanted to speak to someone about my order. Also in the shipping confirmation there is a live chat link but the link doesn't even work!

    Shipping is lame here, $50+ gets you free shipping but figures are excluded. For a price of figures free shipping could be easily provided in the U.S. Anyway my first experience here was not great. I don't recommend this place if you have problems with your order or trying to reach customer service.
    2 years ago
  • Sekhmet Killing Stalking
    Terrible Customer Service

    RS has great prices/sales but their CS & policies are absolutely idiotic & outdated. I bought some media blasters DVDs & after waiting close to 2months for them to arrive, I was sent a disc which had food on it & DVDs that didn't work. I was told this was a common problem with MB DVDs & that I could swap them out at my expense. I paid the $8 ship only to get replacements that didn't work & RS told me I was SOL. RS never noted on their site this was a common problem so they basically blamed me. They are knowingly selling DVDs that don't work & then blaming the buyer. Will never buy from again.
    4 years ago
  • VertexCollection MFC Vertex
    Media or Figures

    + EXCELLENT PACKAGING (High quality padding and boxes)
    + Great pricing on figures available
    + Good place to buy Anime Media in addition to figures
    + Can sometimes find rare or hard to find figures
    + Free shipping on orders over $50

    - Limited selection of figures overall
    - "Free" shipping does not apply to most figures (Surcharge applied)
    - Lots of low end western media clutters the store
    4 years ago
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