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What we are

Figurise is a highly-dedicated team of individuals with years of experience in e-commerce, particularly relating to the distributing of only the highest-quality officially licensed collectible merchandise. Our wide selection, user-friendly websites and excellent customer service have already set us apart in the plastic model kits and hobbies field, and we're looking to improve and expand by bringing the same great service to an entirely new group of customers.

Our goal

We know that there are more options than ever when buying online, and we'd like to make the process easier for you. Purchasing on auction or "we sell everything" sites can sometimes be a gamble because there's very little way to guarantee the product is genuine. By dealing only with legitimate distributors of the license-owning manufacturers, we will provide you with a website that is 100% guaranteed to be the real thing.
Not only is our goal to bring you 100% real products 100% of the time, but also to do so in a pleasant and enjoyable way from the very first time you see the site. We guarantee that every email you send and every call you make is fielded by a real person who can help answer all your questions. We want to make sure that your favorite characters get nothing but the best.
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