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  • First purchase

    Animegami seems to me a site that is used when you can't get those really hard to get figures. Case in point my purchase the Edward Elric DX version by Kotobukiya, being an exclusive this is very hard to get in Europe. Anyway lets move on to the positives and negatives.
    Positive: Good communication, able to secure a pre-order with a deposit, shipping was fast, price matching to any European site/shop, shipping is free and no customs charges! (yes we all hate those!)

    Negative: Their prices are ridiculously expensive (and as I found out in the later half of my transaction with them) do not include the 20% VAT until your order is ready for payment, so this is something to bear in mind should you shop there that all the prices currently on the site DO NOT include the 20% VAT which is added after. This is misleading and I have spoken to them about this and after a few message responses they have now stopped responding to me.
    When I received the parcel the figure box was wrapped in one sheet of bubble wrap, I'm not asking for an over kill like AmiAmi but more packaging could have been used to keep the figure safe in transit.

    Overall not a bad experience, as the figure did arrive to me safely and not damaged. I do have another figure ordered with them, as again it's an exclusive but even though they kindly price matched this one for me and I thought I was getting a good deal I've still got 20% VAT to pay on top of that so in the long run I'm paying the same as if I was to have got him from Archonia! Anyway for normal figures I'd say shop around, hell even with a customs charge I can load a box up from AmiAmi and get a load of figures in the long run which might actually work out cheaper! As far as Animegami go I will only use them when I REALLY have to, sigh, when will the UK get a good affordable figure site? I think what lets Animegami down is those prices and the 20% VAT to be included after other wise they're a pretty solid shop!
    11 days ago
  • Kyoya memento mori.
    First time w this store. Really quick!

    Well my experience is that customer service is really great, ; the prices are okay i think so as a International customer they are kindda pricy because my currency is really bad and the UK libras are Expensive for me, but For europe and others are really good!-The shipping was really fast DHL and it is only one cuote, like 20 libras max so its great, BAD: You can't choose another shipping option and this screws me because as an international buyer they charged me ADUANA and WAS TOO EXPENSIVE :/ so be careful >for Mexico is bad<~ Hope they can have other shipping method.
    4 months ago
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