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  • Extremely pleased with the service!

    I ordered Kaori, Shifuku version from them as the item was only left available at stores where the buyer pays the full price, so this pre-order with a 30% deposit in advance was a life saver for me. Their website looks fantastic IMO, and while there were some issues when I was making my purchase through the site, those were quickly resolved with no further issues. Now for the best part: Their customer service. They responded to every single e-mail I sent them and it never took them longer than 1 day to respond. They usually respond to e-mails within about 2 hours. Sometimes their responses are so fast (within minutes) it feels like you're chatting via e-mail. And while they are just slightly more expensive then some stores, their prices are fairly competitive. The only issue I had with my specific order was shipping. It was stated to be free shipping upon ordering but in the end I was notified I had to pay extra since they couldn't ship for free. This really wasn't a dealbreaker and is understandable since they had no control over this with their shipping company policy changes. They offered me a full refund in case I didn't want to pay which is more than fair from them, but I decided to pay anyways. Packing was more than sufficient with enough protection, so no issues there at all. Also, for European customers, they do offer to undervalue packages to any amount specified if they are contacted about it via e-mail. This of course insures the shipment only up to the declared value so be careful. Overall, I'm very satisfied with their service and recommend their store.
    14 days ago
  • Mixed up shipping address

    I was searching for the nendoroid more Halloween set that was overpriced on eBay and other retailers, and animenpc was the only one that had it in stock and available for around msrp, even including shipping. Ordering and payment process was quick and painless, got the confirmation email and waited for my item to come. Next thing, I get an email saying that they have accidentally gotten my order switched with another customer's and I will be receiving their item and they will be receiving mine. They requested that I ship the switched item to the owner and they would do the same for my item, with shipping reimbursed. I agreed and the other person agreed as well, and I waited for the package to come and sent it off to the given address. Reimbursement for shipping via paypal was very quick, and I did receive my item safely in the end, but things could have gone badly if the other person hadn't been willing to go through with the exchange for some reason! Overall this was a weird experience but I do want to stress that communication was clear and timely on their end, and the reimbursement for shipping was very quick, so I think their customer service handled this fiasco really well. If things had gone smoothly, it would've been great! Price point was perfect and even with the mix-up, items arrived in a timely manner to both parties. Just wanted to share my experience and hope it helps.
    2 months ago
  • Horrible Experience

    I tried ordering a figure from this place as it was the cheapest I could find the figures I wanted at the time. After a week or so, I was promptly notified that the figures are delayed, which is understandable as they have no control over it. That was when they stopped emailing me back after I started asking for updates, taking as long as a month to respond to my question. After the second month of delays, and no response, I decided to ask for a refund, this is the odd part, within the hour, I get an email saying they have the figures and will ship within """3 - 5 working days""", and I emailed back saying if that is so, cancel my refund request, it's now been 8 days, no email received and no shipping status of the figure. How odd that they would email back quickly when I ask for a refund but then not at all when asking a pretty simple question. All in all, this has been a terrible experience as I have already paid good money to then be ignored. 0/10 experience, you've just lost a future customer. Good job.
    5 months ago
  • Amazing Store!

    Bought and pre ordered a few figures and I can say that I will buy from Anime NPC again. The costumer service is amazing, the free shipping is also a really big plus and the packaging was great.

    So far nothing has been over priced what I bought and the early pre order discount (the 10% percent off when something goes up for pre order) is a very nice touch too, it saved me a few dollars, making the figure easier to afford.
    6 months ago
  • Great customer service!

    Bought a lot of stuff here and there! Extremely satisfied!
    10 months ago
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