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  • absolute joke

    i ordered a prize figure from them and it's been months and I'm yet to receive any information on it. I've asked over and over again for a refund with no answers. this website is a joke.
    13 days ago
  • Don't trust them with your money, nobody will help you. Avoid.

    There's nobody there to help you, if they are there then they are ignoring you. All my attempts to contact them over the past weeks have been completely ignored. Do not trust a company with no customer service with your money.
    1 month ago
  • I don't know what happened...

    AnimeNPC was a pretty solid place to order from for my first time. Answered my question quickly.
    Went in for a second order recently and got duped. They said the item was in stock and my order has now been processing for 6 weeks. Customer service is now non-exsistent because I emailed them and used their website contact system 7 times and received no response. Currently, I'm disputing through PayPal, but it's so damn aggravating for all this wasted time.
    1 month ago
  • Reliable when you need it

    I don't understand the bad reviews, Anime NPC has never ounce failed me when I needed it the most, and it always has all the figures that are available. Shipping takes a while, but it's definitely worth it.
    3 months ago
  • Was pleased before. Now I'm disappointed.

    First part of this review are my impressions of AnimeNPC from 4 years ago. Note that their service changed drastically since then and that's what I'll describe in the second part.

    Now for the first part:

    I ordered Kaori, Shifuku version from them as the item was only left available at stores where the buyer pays the full price, so this pre-order with a 30% deposit in advance was a life saver for me. Their website looks fantastic IMO, and while there were some issues when I was making my purchase through the site, those were quickly resolved with no further issues. Now for the best part: Their customer service. They responded to every single e-mail I sent them and it never took them longer than 1 day to respond. They usually respond to e-mails within about 2 hours. Sometimes their responses are so fast (within minutes) it feels like you're chatting via e-mail. And while they are just slightly more expensive then some stores, their prices are fairly competitive. The only issue I had with my specific order was shipping. It was stated to be free shipping upon ordering but in the end I was notified I had to pay extra since they couldn't ship for free. This really wasn't a dealbreaker and is understandable since they had no control over this with their shipping company policy changes. They offered me a full refund in case I didn't want to pay which is more than fair from them, but I decided to pay anyways. Packing was more than sufficient with enough protection, so no issues there at all. Also, for European customers, they do offer to undervalue packages to any amount specified if they are contacted about it via e-mail. This of course insures the shipment only up to the declared value so be careful. Overall, I'm very satisfied with their service and recommend their store.

    My impressions of AnimeNPC at the moment (September - December, 2020.):

    EDIT 1: Updating this review to reflect on my current experience. Their customer service had changed a lot since the last time I've ordered from them and after sending 2 inquiries so far, with the first one being over a month ago, and receiving no response to any of them, I'm sadly changing my ratings. When I receive a response and some information about my order I will change the review once again to reflect my experience.

    EDIT 2: Updating once again to say that after 5 emails that I've sent to them, I still got no response to any of them. After waiting for almost 2 months for just some information, I decided to open a dispute on PayPal, in hopes that they respond to my messages there, on November 30th. I messaged them that I would wait until December 10th for any kind of response with information and possibly a shipping notification. They never responded there either so I filed a claim and PayPal decided to give me a refund today. AnimeNPC never responded to any messages from me or PayPal. Note that I've not been refunded fully as my deposit payment was past the date of filing PayPal disputes so I've basically been robbed of $40USD.

    In conclusion, I'd advise everyone to avoid this shop as You might lose your money and receive nothing after months of one sided messages.
    4 months ago
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