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  • Ninoma nice store

    I ordered a rin shima figure on the website ninoma.com, after 2 days my order was confirmed and prepared for shipment, after 1 day it was sent and I received a working tracking number for the parcel, after the delivery period passed and the parcel did not arrive, I contacted in support where I was told that the delay was due to covid-19, after 1 week I received my order, the box was a little rushed, but this is a mail problem, the parcel itself was well packed and the box of my figure and the figure itself was intact and of excellent quality, in general, I liked everything. Only after the purchase and even after confirming and sending my order on the site, as it was written that there are 3 figures in stock, it remains to write that there are 3 figures in stock, so maybe they are not writing the real number of figures in stock, but everything is fine, the support responds pretty quickly. It is better to read completely about your delivery method because you can choose a delivery method without insurance.
    1 month ago
  • Good place to buy figures

    my experience with buying from Ninoma was great. The package came quick, (I bought the fastest mailing) The figure was cheap, but still of a good quality, and I had no problems with my figure that I received. The one thing that wasn’t the best was tracking the package, it was a little confusing. Overall I recommend buying from Ninoma.
    2 months ago
  • Confusing & Negative Experience

    I ordered an almost ten year old item that had been advertised by Ninoma on the item's page as suddenly available again on their site. After ordering, I realized the shipping option I chose would not insure my package against loss or breaks, and sent in an email asking if shipping could be changed, or if that was not possible, if my order could be cancelled so that I could reorder again with EMS in order to insure my package.
    Customer service got back to me in a day that they had cancelled and refunded my order, so I took that to mean they recommended I re-order and less than an hour after receiving the email, refund, and notice of order cancellation I went to order the item again. It was no longer available.
    I emailed in to ask why that could be, if my order had been cancelled so recently (the item I ordered should theoretically still exist, unless it had been immediately ordered by someone else in that hour), and also apologized for the hasty cancellation and made it clear that if I was told the item would no longer be available upon my cancel, I would not have cancelled and would have taken my chances with no insurance on shipping.
    They emailed back to say that the item was "now not available."
    I'm left with questions about why and how that could be, and am upset that the item I was looking forward to having was about to be in my possession in one minute, and then unavailable the next, all seemingly due to a poorly handled misunderstanding.
    2 years ago
  • Smooth experience

    I bought a Rey Nendoroid from them after seeing that they had it listed for much lower than anywhere else. Unfortunately, I placed my order in September (Typhoon Jebi) and picked small package/RSAL as my shipping option so it did take slightly longer for my parcel to get to me. That being said, it's not Ninoma's fault; they were prompt in mailing out my order, communicative during the process (they sent an email notice about the delay), and even included a surprise gift with my order! My Nendoroid came in pristine condition, and was wrapped with bubble-wrap to protect it; the box used was sturdy, and well-secured with lots of tape. They also marked my order as a gift, which wasn't necessary because my country doesn't impose custom charges, but would definitely be helpful if yours does!
    Overall, customer service was excellent and I would definitely order from them again. :)
    2 years ago
  • Great shop!

    Bought my Astolfo Taito figure and my Yamatonokami and Kashuu Nendoroids from Ninoma.
    Each time the figure was packed really well.
    The only thing that took a while to get shipped was my Yamatonokami Nendoroid and sadly it got stopped at the customs as well even though it being labeled as gift by Ninoma :/..
    All in all, they've got really good prices and my figures al got to me in perfect condition ^^ would shop again!
    3 years ago
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