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  • Excellent customer service and prices

    I wanted to give you my review of my recent purchases at www.usagundamst.... I've ordered multiple times from them and they are excellent in customer service. They processed my orders in 1 day. My shipments arrived quickly (in 2-4 days) and they were packed well. And to top it off they have excellent prices.

    I've gotten some figures for over 50% over list price. For example, I bought ITEM #464756 for 70% off MSRP list price. How did I do that? Well, the figure was on sale for 40% off plus I used a discount code for the additional amount. And, when the discount code only gave me an additional 20% at checkout on their website but the advertised discount was 30%, I contacted their customer support and they reimbursed me for the 10% after I had already paid. This exceptionally good service and shows that they care about their customers.

    They are located in Daytona Beach FL, (USA) so they are particularly good for US customers. They offer free shipping for orders above $200. They also offer discount codes on a regular basis and some of those discount codes show up regularly advertised on MFC. For example, the discount code "Figsale" gives you a 20-30% discount on in-stock items. They also may have other discount codes for pre-order items at various times.

    Anyway, check them out because for US customers, I'd say that they are one of the best shops out there.
    4 months ago
  • Decent, could use better shipping boxes

    I got a good deal on two figures during their 30% off sale. The prices are normally a mixture of good and a bit high. Though with the lower shipping costs compared to shipping from Japan, and free if you order enough, it balances out. While overall they seem to have decent service, I did have a problem with their packing. They shipped out my order in a longish box that was not strong enough. The top caved in on my figures, smashing their boxes a bit. This is obviously not ideal on figures that cost $180+. The figures themselves ended up alright so I'm only mildly upset. Just something to be aware of if you order multiple large figures.
    7 months ago
  • 2 reviews
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