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  • ok. Not great.

    Prices are overall great.
    Shipping is ok.

    Getting the items in stock takes extremely long time.
    Negative: cancellation fee of 20%!! :-(
    3 months ago
  • Great! ...until something goes wrong

    Global Freaks has a great selection, great prices and I've generally been very happy ordering from them. However, I had a problem with the last order I received and their customer service left me quite unsatisfied.

    The shipping box had been cut to make it taller to fit the figure box, and became unstable as a result. Because of that, the box got crushed during transit and it dented the top of the figure box, created creases in the cardboard and made the plastic window come loose. All in all not what I expect when I order a brand new figure.

    When I pointed out to customer service that this is not a way to safely pack and ship something, they told me that they use bubble wrap and paper fill and that that is enough protection. Therefore, they could not offer me any form of compensation. Fair enough, I suppose.

    They ignored my suggestion to not DIY-make their boxes bigger in the future to prevent this kind of damage. (I said that as a customer I would gladly pay a little extra to ensure my boxes don't get crushed.)

    They also seemed to read over multiple of my questions. For instance, I asked what would happen if the package were to get lost if I returned it for a refund and they did not give me an answer in their response. Which leads me to think that if the package were to hypothetically get lost, I would lose the figure AND my money.

    All in all, Global Freaks delivers on their promise to get you the stuff you order with them. It takes a couple of months for stuff to get to their warehouse from Japan, and it's not made very clear when pre-ordered products will be in stock, but I think the prices are good enough to make up for it. However, especially if you value your figure boxes, be prepared to be disappointed in the rare case that something goes wrong.

    Personally, I will probably be a bit more careful ordering expensive figures from this store in the future. Still, I think they're very trustworthy and convenient. If you're in the EU and don't care about potential damage to your figure boxes, I'd definitely recommend Global Freaks!
    4 months ago
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