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  • Awful and unreliable customer service. Do not pre-order from.

    EDIT: As of 28/08/17 Eye on Asia's Facebook page has been made private or been deleted.
    EDIT: As of 22/11/17 I can confirm Eye On Asia has gone under but are still taking orders. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

    Initially semi responsive but 11 months after pre-order and 6 months after item release I could not risk relying on them to refund after their "one year period to be able to deliver".

    I was forced to PayPal refund leaving me £19 out of pocket (deposit). I've heard okay things if the item is in stock but do not pre-order. No communication and many have voiced their complaints of being ignored.
    7 months ago

    Update 07/09/2017: One year on from Pre-ordering still nothing.

    Pre-ordered the Rem nendoroid from them last year, still waiting for news on whats going on the last contact i had was

    Thank you for contacting us.

    I am very sorry about the delay with this item. We have bee having delays getting several items in recently due to unforeseen circumstances and this is one of them.

    Currently we are unable to offer an estimate of their arrival but we do hope to have them with us soon." This was on the 8th of may, its now the 28th of july. what a joke.
    9 months ago
  • Very poor customer service!!

    Everything went well for the first two items I had pre-ordered from the website. However I've been waiting for an item for about 8 months now with no response given when asking about the status of my current orders.
    I have two orders with them at the minute with £30 deposit paid altogether. It's looking more and more like I won't be getting either item considering the extreme lack of customer service.
    I'm incredibly disappointed and I definitely will never order from them again and am hoping that I can get my last two items or at least a refund at some point in the future.
    10 months ago
  • Never Again

    Pre-ordered my Hatsune Miku figure from Eye on Asia as the price was reasonable and I wouldn't get any custom charges. However, months had passed after her release and I hadn't received any updates. I tried contacting them through E-mail where I never received a reply. I eventually managed to get an answer from them through their FB page and they just kept saying each month I contact them that they're expecting her in the following month. Their communication is terrible and I still don't have my figure! This was my first and last time that I will order from them.
    11 months ago
  • Experiences thus far

    Can echo the pain of preorders. Decided to use them, as the price was only slightly more than ordering from a Japanese retailer, and I wouldn't have to worry about stuff getting stuck in customs.
    Tried to ask them (via email, twitter and facebook) about the status of the preorder, no communication.
    Also they get you to pay for the preorder before they have the item - mine was shipped to me after "shipping from Japan" timescale (3 weeks or so).
    Free shipping = Hermes. Orders I've made have arrived fine though. In stock item was dispatched fast.
    1 year ago
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