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I just received my Promised Neverland Ray Aniplex figure from Play-Asia. It took fifteen days to arrive, which is normal when shipping to the US. They have a great selection and fair prices. Shipping was a bit high, but once again, it is overseas. What is most important to me is authenticity, receiving the actual product I ordered, and quality shipping. All three of those factors receive five stars. Even the actual shipping box was in pristine condition. The figure box was in mint condition, wrapped very well in bubble wrap with styrofoam peanuts in the small empty space. The shipping box was almost the same size as the figure box. I even got a little Play-Asia sticker decal and a $5 off coupon for my next order. I cannot attest to their customer service, as I did not speak with them directly, but I feel fairly certain that isn’t poor. This was my first order, but it was a great first shopping experience after the horrors I have been through with others like RightStuf.
8 days ago
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