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  • Good shop for old and sold out items

    I made three orders on plamoya; the shipping fees are quite cheap but there are not many options (I could only choose SAL and I still got the customs ^^). The prices are very high for rare items, but sometimes it's the only website where you can find what you're looking for (I've found my Clare ITEM #267 thanks to them). The figures I received were new and the boxes were almost all in mint condition (one was crushed). The package was simple but strong, the items were shipped 4 days after the order and took 10 days to arrive. However, the customer service is not very helpful.

    EDIT: I got a damaged figure but Plamoya replied it was not a defect recognized by the manufacturer so they would do nothing. I asked for a return (and paid the fees) and when Plamoya received the figure they recognized there was a real defect and proposed to send me another one. I refused and they refunded me the price of the figure (not the shipping fees).
    I made another order that was cancelled because there was no stock.
    9 months ago
  • Pretty good deals from time to time

    I haven't used Plamoya to often, but when I have, its always been on pretty good price deals! I have found VERY low pirced items there in the past, with very good shipping included. However, their stock isn't that varied for certain series, and their website feels like it needs to be updated more. Other then that, they are definitely worth a check!
    1 year ago
  • good shop for sold out, lottery or exclusive items

    I ordered there a several times and until now I was always very satisfied with their items.
    It's a good shop for sold out, lottery or exclusive items.

    They need up to 1-2 weeks to ship your parcels even if you order it via EMS. Besides that you can only choose between SAL and EMS.

    The customer service is good, they reply fast and are always helpful. I had a problem with a EMS parcel, it took 2 months to arrive in my country.

    I hope this was helpful. It's really a trustworthy shop.
    2 years ago
  • Great shop for older items

    If you're looking for older items, you might find them there.
    The prices are in most cases really good, also shipping rates. Sometimes the shipping takes a while, but all my items arrived perfectly.
    The website and stock management could be better. The search often provides you inaccurate or incomplete results. Some items are listed twice. Also you can't sort the results which makes it hard to browse sometimes.
    2 years ago
  • Figuarts Zero EX Trunks

    so i ordered this item on the 19th of and it wasn't shipped until the 23rd which is a long item when compared to other sites, the price wasn't that much higher than the market price so it was good overall. i received the item on the 31s . the shipment was sealed well and had no dents, when i opened the package i was surprised to find it overly lightly packed with one layer only of bubble wrap and few papers. you could even shake the item if you shake the box. i was ok at first thinking it will include PB brown box but they even removed that. the packing was bad in my opinion.
    2 years ago
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