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Warning: this shop is selling bootlegs.
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Bootlegs were sold from this store blog/16178

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Avoid this shop!

They lie about having things in stock when they really don't. What happens is that, after you buy an item, then they go running around, hunting for that figure somewhere else. I bought a nendoroid with them, because it was the only place I could find it for a good price. Apparently the one I bought was the last one in stock. After 5 business days my order still having not been sent, I contacted them about it. They gave me the excuse of "we've had too many orders and that caused shipments to take longer". I waited and after another week and they gave me the same excuse, so I filed a dispute with PayPal. Bottom line is, avoid buying with them. Sure, some orders go smoothly but it's a gamble. If you really want a figure and can't find it anywhere besides Nippon Yasan, be aware that the chances of you getting scammed are high.
5 days ago
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