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Great experience.

Honestly, I was scared of ordering anything from this shop, because of the terrible reviews I saw everywhere - not just on MFC, but on Youtube, etc. BUT...I also saw plenty of good reviews refuting those, so, when they marked down a figure I'd wanted for a while to about $80 less than anywhere else (Emiru Sagano white version), I took a chance. EMS was still obnoxious at about $40, but that's expected. This figure got to me in exactly 7 days, in perfect condition. No problems whatsoever. That's the fastest I've ever recieved anything from Japan, and even the shipping box was in better condition than just about any other I've received. So...I guess it's a toss of the dice. If you get your figure, it's going to be fast, and everything you expect. If there's some kind of problem, it sounds like they have trouble addressing issues. Personally, I'm VERY happy I took a chance. She's beautiful.
3 days ago
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