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  • Out of stock

    I've ordered a rare figure that unfortunately turned out to be out of stock. I got the notification and the refund 2 weeks after placing my order. The shipping delays (30 days) seem a bit long too. I don't know whether I will give another try.
    2 years ago
  • A desaster

    I hosted two splits with items from theit site. They cancelled the first saying it was out of stock. I mailed them after to ask if they even have the other items. I only got a standard answer that they will do all to get stock. I collected money from the ppl participating in the split and orderd. And today i got the cancellation notice again. Not only that we wasted our time, i also lost money because pp fees from ppl who can't sent as gift are not refunded. Never gonna order there again and would not recommend for anyone to order there.
    2 years ago
  • unicornflakes sami ★
    Nothing but good experiences, so far

    I've heard people talking bad about YesAsia, but I've been using YA even long before I heard the critiques, and never had a problem with them. They are actually my #1 choice when it comes to CDs, since I find the prices reasonable when there's free shipping, and also, if you buy 2 CDs or more, they offer you a free trading gift! On the other hand, I would not buy figures from them, since I've heard people having bad experience with it, as well as them being way too overpriced.
    5 years ago
  • If what I want is nowhere else...

    Their stock management has because too much of an issue for me to want to use them anymore.

    -Decent pricing for media such as CDs.
    -Packages packed so items are not damaged.

    -Prices for certain items on the far higher end.
    -Ordered multiple items that were in stock or up for preorder and have had my order canceled on me due to lack of stock.
    -Ordered goods and the order was handled oddly; it was shipped out but actually wasn't or something and I got my items a month later than expected due to this.
    5 years ago
  • Potentially good for certain orders

    Full review @ my shop rec post: splash.livejour...
    I've been shopping with these guys since 2004, back when they offered free shipping on orders over just $25.
    This place is awesome if you want to get a whole bunch of stuff new or old and can wait for the free shipping. They also take in product listing requests if you can show them another site that has the listing already (this is what I do for BL novels/manga they haven't listed)!!
    The huge markups seem to cover up for their free shipping gimmick, but if you select smart, you can still get great deals on this site.
    6 years ago
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