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FROM JAPAN® LTD was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2004 as a registered incorporated company under the Japanese laws and regulations of Japan. We are in the business of providing you, our customer ways to obtain hard to get items by using our automated 24/7 system which places bids on Yahoo Japan Auctions and purchases any item you desire from Japanese shopping sites (please be aware that some of the items may not be allowed for export outside of Japan), all of it done in a discreet and timely manner right to your door. We can help you buy just about everything that is offer in the Japan. We are located right on the heart of Tokyo therefore we can help you find many of the coolest new styles that come right out of Tokyo, Japan.


Good until you need their help

I had been using their service for years, and luckily I never had a problem with my orders before. I have never purchased pre-orders with them, so I can't say how they are in that department, I have always used them to buy in stock items from Surugaya or Amazon mostly. A while ago they changed their service fees for two "plan" options, one for 300 JPY and one for 700 JPY. I had used their 300 JPY service with no problem, but now one of my orders got lost by my post office, and sice I paid their "cheap" plan, they refuse to fill a claim with Japan Post, which is required for me to get a refund for my order that was send by EMS. So, be aware that if you go for their cheapest option, even if your shipping is insured, it doesn't mean anything, they won't help you and you will lose both your items and money.
3 months ago
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