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  • Stalking Loli hunter
    Good for group/large orders

    Unless you want an exclusive bonus or item, there's no benefit in ordering from them... provided you're ordering a single figure.

    Their 2000jpy flat rate shipping is terrible for single purchases, but goes GREAT if you pre-order a gazillion things in one go. Which is what I do, heh.

    Their packing is lackluster though, so don't expect your box to arrive in pristine condition. Good predisposition. Recommended (for buying lots of items)
    11 months ago
  • A good manufacturer that makes a shitty distributor.

    After repeated bad experiences I've sworn off them. They use shitty packaging, charge EMS rates for UPS or USPS shipping, and make excuses about slow shipping each and every time. They charge unannounced up to 2 months in advance and don't make their own deadlines.
    Unless it's something I can't live without I won't order from their site again.
    2 years ago
  • Expensive, but reliable

    The figure prices are pretty high compared to other resellers, and the shipping rate is a flat 2000 yen for international countries.
    Pretty good to combine orders with friends who are also pre-ordering, but to purchase my own is rare.
    Another up is the free or exclusive stuff they give alongside the figures such as the nendoroid clips or certain extra nendoroid parts..
    3 years ago
  • sarunamirabu is married to Ookurikara
    Is now a standard shop after improvement.

    A few months ago I was ready to RIP on this crappy shop after quite a few negative experiences. HOWEVER, after switching their shipping methods to now ship from Japan instead of Singapore, I'm posting for the "new" shop to be fair.

    -Ships quickly when product is released.
    -GSC has great customer service.
    -Usually don't need to fret over items selling out early.

    -Flat rate shipping; can be bad for buying one small item but good for ordering multiple/bigger items.

    -"Ninja charges" your account without notice.
    -If you want SAL, they only use EMS.
    -Retail prices, no discounts.
    4 years ago
  • Marika21 Moe Moe Kyuuun <3
    Order only if you are desperate

    I've bought Hatsune Miku nendoroid. I got charged 4 weeks in advance and after they took money its been delayed x.x
    You cannot select a shipping service . e.g courier. Which resulted in me having a nice surprise from TNT demanding a fee of astonishing amount.
    Not like its their fault, but I wish they would let you choose the shipping service.
    The item has been sent from Singapore, and packaging was very shabby. The item was floating loose with some newspaper in the box.
    Customer service is great, that's the only plus. Certainly won't be ordering directly anytime soon...Proxies All the way
    4 years ago
  • 13 feedbacks
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