1★ - Domain closed
The web domain no longer works.
2 years ago
2★ - Website/internet customers are not important
1 minute ago
I'am utterly disappointed! Bad business practices and customer service. I ordered Kongou Nendoroid that was in stock on their website for $56 (free shipping). It's been a week and the item hasn't been processed for shipping! Honestly they are a reseller with a warehouse not a personal seller why the heck would it take long to ship it out. After I got a hold of them (after 3 days of waiting) they told they would ship it...it's been 3 more days still not shipped/processed. I even made contact with them at convention..nope still can't give me my item because of legal policy WTF.
8 years ago
3★ - They have issues, but they aren't bad.
From my experiences, my first conclusion is that ABCTOY4ME is better as a physical store than a webshop. I have bought from them a few times both in person and online.
Recently, I had an issue with a product I ordered from them that broke a lot right out of the box, and while I had to wait a while they sent me a new item. They seem a bit scattered and disorganized. They are very friendly if you do need something.
So be aware that they definitely aren't the best, but they did come through for me when I had a problem.
8 years ago
1★ - Bad. Never again.
I sent multiple emails to this establishment about certain items I saw.


I bought said items. They later sent me message telling me that one of said items was out of stock despite the site stating it WAS in stock.

I sent another email telling about this item and told them that they need to change the status of this item from "add to cart" to "out of stock"

Still nothing.

I'm done with this establishment. Both website wise and convention wise. They lost a customer.
9 years ago
haert haerts
3★ - They're okay
Their boxes that they use for shipping really suck. The box seemed kind of a bit too flimsy to me. They didn't leave any padding in the box and I noticed a small puncture in the box they used to ship my figure. Thankfully my figure and it's box were unharmed. It came quickly. I'm a bit nervous to order from them again because of the boxes they use to ship. Other than that everything was fine.
10 years ago
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