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Estatic Arts
United Kingdom
Specialising in Anime, Manga and video games merchandise.

All our figures are fully licensed and from official distribution chains and therefore will be at highest quality finish in the original, unopened packaging.

Our passion for anime allows us to always keep up to date with the latest news and info, meaning we are able to source the best products in the Anime World.


Bought from them at MCM London May 28th 2016

Ok so firstly, I bought from them in person at their stall located at MCM London may 28th 2016, this has made it harder to rate so apologies for not knowing too much about online service. First of all, the staff there were very good and friendly, on the day they let you open blind boxes to find the character you wanted to buy! I bought the project diva arcade colorful drop miku prize figure and a small bandai blind box from them. Both were authentic and well priced, miku did have some minor hair damage (I had to glue it secure) but was otherwise in great shape. Maybe best to buy in person
1 year ago
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