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  • Love this store

    The shop I usually order from. Some other stores have better prices, but those shops often have mixed reviews which I don't risk with these amounts of money. Never had any problems with this store.


    - As said, the dude who does this is really nice, he's always happy to help if you've got a question or problem.
    - Often outprices other stores (except stores with more mixed reviews). That said, his prices are around the same as what I would pay if I ordered directly from a japanese store.
    - If he doesn't have a figure up for pre-order you can always ask, if he can he will add it
    -Pre-orders can be paid later


    - Free shipping only within Germany, which is not really a con but more a bummer
    - Sometimes a little slow to answer, probably because he works another job or something
    - Your order history and stuff will not update, all my orders are stil 'active', even some from years ago. It's also not possible to look up figures which are not in stock anymore (you can't look back at prices for comparisson or things like that).
    4 days ago
  • Great shop for ordering in Germany if you are not in a hurry.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently updating my shop reviews to make them easier to read and based on the past year of fresh experiences.

    anime-figuren.de pros:
    + very friendly shop owner who seems to really love figures
    + best prices within Europe
    + great packaging with lots of air bolster
    + you get a PDF list with all your current pre-orders and their release date

    anime-figuren.de cons:
    - it's just one person working there and everything goes rather slow: Email responds but mostly shipping after an item arrives at their place
    - there are no delay notices being sent out, you have to keep track of JP release delays yourself and transfer it over to an EU release date
    - the prices can be equal to the combined costs of ordering in Japan, but sometimes they are way higher due to the distribution network (HEO) the shop purchases from so you always should compare prices
    - no merchandise, only figures

    This shop is for people who are not in a hurry to get their figures. Not only is the EU release time lagging about three months behind Japan due to shipping, inspection and the like, it also takes anime-figuren.de a long time (sometimes ten days and more) to ship out items that were supposed to be in stock. However, the owner is a very fair guy and treats their customers with respect. He is also knowledgeable about the things he sells. Good place to buy from when you are not into self import.
    1 year ago
  • First experience and certainly not the last

    I ordered a very bulky figure, White Rabbit from myethos.Beh what to say ... Everything went perfectly, fast shipping as soon as the product arrived in the warehouse (consider European import), excellent prices for a European and above all personal store very friendly and fast via email.Not many shipping option,but i love DHL so it's not a problem for me.You can easily contact them in order to add an item you want ;)
    1 year ago
  • Good shop with a nice and reactive owner

    It was my 1st order on Anime-Figuren. I missed a preoder deadline and managed to preorder the figure at a fair price on Anime-Figuren. I had to pay straight away; I was a bit worried because the release date had been postponed twice but the owner answered me very quickly (the same day) and nicely and checked some details (phone number, address, etc.) to be sure there won't be any problem with the delivery. The figure was finally shipped the very next day and arrived well packed and without any problem.
    2 years ago
  • One of my Two favorite German shops

    Pro: * very nice and Friendly Customer Service. Allways get an answer in a few hours.
    *shipping is very fast (paid on monday, shipped on thusday, arrives one wednesday) and safe *prices are - most of the Time- cheaper Than in any other German shop

    * Stock Management seems a Bit slow and pre order Dates are not correct sometimes
    * no Option to cancel an order. Canceling my pre order was only okay because I bought Another Item instead ;(. (But anyway.. you Can still send the Item back if you Really dont want it anymore)
    3 years ago
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