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  • Scammers

    I pre-ordered a figure and paid for it! I wasn't able to pick up my package in time so it was send straight back to them. I contacted them straight away, and they said they would re-send it if I paid the shipping costs again to which I agreed. I've been e-mailing them every week for 9 months and haven't received an e-mail back for 6 months now! They also don't respond on Twitter or Instagram. They absolutely scammed me. I have no figure and my money is gone. I'm so pissed about this situation for so many months now. Worst company I've ever bought from. Be careful with buying from them! A lot of promising but no action if you even be able to get in touch with them at all. They gladly take your money but when something has gone wrong they won't help and they will just ignore you. They treat customers like absolute garbage.
    2 months ago
  • 5/5 Perfect!

    Purchased Ken Kaneki directly from them to receive the exclusive extra head. Box was wrapped securely. I was kept updated through out the process. Shipping was fast. Would buy from them again. Thanks!
    3 years ago
  • 2 reviews
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