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  • Very pleased with Rare Yamato Morrigan Aensland

    JFigure was very courteous and professional in my experience with them. I found a Morrigan Aensland figure I had been desiring for quite some time -- at a very favorable price -- so naturally I was interested. However, because the item was used and I don't typically buy used, I asked JFigure if they could provide me with some photos of the item to ensure its condition was accurately listed. They happily obliged, and the figure was even better in photo than description. Not many businesses accommodate the demands of customers like that, so I was very pleased.

    I then okayed the shipping, and a few days later my figure arrived in the exact condition they said it would. The packing was very secure and neat.

    I am very glad I chose JFigure, and I can see myself purchasing from them again. Highly recommended.
    20 days ago
  • Received wrong tracking number

    Some figures are a little over priced. I ordered a saber 1/7 triumphant figure which came in good condition and was a decent price. Shipping price was standard and the item wasn't damaged in transit. Only problem I had was when I placed the order i was given the incorrect tracking number so I was freaking out because it said my package was delivered to someone else. I emailed them 3 times and after the 3rd day with no response I threatened opening a paypal case if I did not hear back from them soon. It was after that email I got a response back immediately after with the correct number - they said my emails were in their spam folder. First time ordering, probably last unless they have a good deal on something I want that isn't over priced. Improving the look of the site (based on how it looks I would not have ordered if they did not have reviews- looks a little sketch lol) and responding to emails quicker would be beneficial.
    5 months ago
  • Good source of 2nd hand figures

    Haven't had a chance to open them yet, but ordered 3 figures from them with EMS and they were very well packed, each appear to be authentic and were delivered within a few days in Australia. If you submit a question on their website the owner will respond promptly, I did so to combine orders and receive a refund on the additional shipping charged due to the separate orders which they processed upon shipping the items.

    Would order from again for items that have just gone out of stock, like Shirobako Ema by Alter, or rare figures like the GSC exclusive Araragi Tsuhiki alt color ver. (both of which I ordered from jfigure). They have many older, hard to find figures that are worth considering. The markup on most items is fair imo, compared to other suppliers of rare second hand figures.

    Personally I'd feel much more comfortable ordering from here than somewhere like Mandrake due to ease of communication and product visibility.
    6 months ago
  • So impressed with Jfigure service

    I was a bit skeptical about ordering from Jfigure since the site does look a bit amateurishly made but they have a figure that I have been tracking down for years so I decided to take a risk. Well old habit dies hard, I ended up ordering 2 more while browsing the site lol.

    Anyway, they did take about a week to process but it was well worth the wait consider how well packed the figures were. There was one without box and normally when I ordered from other sites, they'll just wrap it with bubble wraps. Jfigure however, went beyond and above, they placed cushion in between the joints, hair strands and small details to prevent damages during transit. I was really impressed when I opened the package. Once they were shipped out, they arrived pretty fast. Only took 4 days to arrive at my doorstep (US) from Japan. The figures are in excellent condition as they described. Customer service was wondering and shipping cost was affordable.

    Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase. By far, the best service I've ever received out of dozens of website I've ordered before. So for any of you who have been having some doubts ordering from them, I'd say shop with confidence. You will be happy with your purchases.
    6 months ago
  • Good Seller

    I recently bought this item from J-Figure.
    ITEM #320500

    In short i am happy.
    This shop is good.
    Why is that?

    Its simple.
    The customer support is great.
    Nice and fast responce.
    You can ask anything.
    They will responce and help you out.

    I ordered it from J Figure because of the customer support.
    The price was okay.
    And the item and box was in excelent condition.
    And it came with the Art card.

    They dont shippet the item right away.
    But it was okay.
    The item was well packed.

    The Website could use a bit more infos on the items.
    And maby more pics.
    But for that use other sources or jusk ask them.

    I recommend the shop.
    7 months ago
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