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  • Great customer service

    EDIT: They were kind enough to give me compensation of 1500 yen which I believe makes up for the broken piece and the shipping. The customer service is definitely an A+

    Ordered Max Factory's Aoba in A/B condition from them a few weeks ago for a great price. I was very happy to be able to get him, so I went with EMS shipping to get him ASAP.

    I placed my order on the 14th of October and they didn't ship him out until the 22nd which is a little over a week processing time. Probably the longest I've ever had to wait when it comes to processing. Before they shipped it out, I shot them a PM on here and inquired about my order which they swiftly replied to, so pretty good customer service.

    He finally arrived on the 1st of November which is 12 days shipping time. EMS cost me a good $60. I could of saved a lot by going with a cheaper shipping option. Almost two weeks is unacceptable for EMS especially for the amount that I paid. Putting aside that fact, I was quite happy when I received him... Until I heard a rattling in the box. Turns out a piece had broken off. Not sure if it was due to shipping or if he was broken beforehand, but because they deal with pre-owned figures, they made it clear in their FAQ that you shouldn't be expecting a broken product- but I wasn't expecting a broken one either! I admit, it's an easy fix, but it's not too good for this many flaws to be present on an order-especially a customer's first order.

    All in all, I wouldn't recommend this site. I've read some good reviews on it and decided to take a chance, but unfortunately my order didn't go as smoothly. The site is sketchy looking, but they do offer some decent prices if you look. Don't count on their shipping times though- you might as well save some money with a cheaper shipping option as processing time + their slow shipping time would probably end up coming around the same time anyway. I'm going to try contacting them today to try to get some compensation and edit my review if necessary.
    2 months ago
  • Amazing service and selection of figures

    Will certainly be buying from JFigure again in the near future, Though it's a small company. They provide a large selection and carefully package any purchases, Any questions you may have can also be answered (from my experience) within the day. Great service.
    3 months ago
  • LadyDawn Slightly Neurotic
    The Best of Used Figures

    First off: JFigure is a smaller store and as such, they have a more limited selection. "Quality over quantity," as the saying goes. My first purchase was such a pleasant experience that I now frequent the site for my second-hand figure needs.

    Their customer support is top-notch, emailing you every step of the way to ensure that things go smoothly. Every exchange was professional, but also a lot less impersonal than larger teams tend to be. I love that you can request photos of the actual figure that's being sent to you. Don't like what you see? They'll refund the cost--no harm, no foul.

    Processing took several days, but I was in no rush and it was well worth the wait. My figures came packaged incredibly well and in excellent condition. Had someone told me that they were brand new, I would have believed them.

    Their prices are fair (certainly fairer than other shops that make up for their price deficit by marking up shipping) and they're very transparent about what you're getting before you make any purchasing decisions. As I mentioned, their selection isn't humongous, but there are definitely some gems listed at impossible to beat prices. I'm currently working on nabbing a few before someone else does!

    Thank you, JFigure, you now have a customer for life.
    3 months ago
  • Highly Recommended.

    I'm very glad with my experience with JFigure, they are very professional.
    I bought a Brave ACT/Erwin Smith without box and the figure came wraped in bubble paper with cushion between the joints to prevent damages. It arrived without any damaged and well package. They advice that will take about a week to sent the figure and respond promptly to every question.
    Hope they have more items.

    I recommend the shop and definitely deal with them again.
    4 months ago
  • Very pleased with Rare Yamato Morrigan Aensland

    JFigure was very courteous and professional in my experience with them. I found a Morrigan Aensland figure I had been desiring for quite some time -- at a very favorable price -- so naturally I was interested. However, because the item was used and I don't typically buy used, I asked JFigure if they could provide me with some photos of the item to ensure its condition was accurately listed. They happily obliged, and the figure was even better in photo than description. Not many businesses accommodate the demands of customers like that, so I was very pleased.

    I then okayed the shipping, and a few days later my figure arrived in the exact condition they said it would. The packing was very secure and neat.

    I am very glad I chose JFigure, and I can see myself purchasing from them again. Highly recommended.
    4 months ago
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