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The Crunchyroll Store works with multiple vendors to process orders. The Store processes billing and payment information and then notifies partner vendors to ship order from Japan or the US.

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4.5/5 Stars. Great Experiences.

Okay. So, after reading all the horrendous reviews about pre-orders arriving months after release, I stopped ordering from CR. I have four pre-orders with them. I have received two. The first one, the Spike and Faye Cowboy Bebop figures, came a month earlier than projected. Tanjiro’s prize figure by Banpresto came right on time. Their shipping is incredibly fast, and the prices are better than anywhere I order from in Japan, which can become outrageous amounts of money in shipping over time. Also, I have had five packages from Mandarake sitting in New York for almost a month, which isn’t a problem with US stores for me. I give CR 4.5/5 stars. Sometimes their packaging is a little lacking, but it’s not terrible. I have never had anything damaged. Their figure prices can sometimes be steep. It’s hit or miss. I just make sure to compare them to other stores. Their customer service has always been great and fast to respond. One of the best things about pre-orders is that you can cancel at any time up until release and get all your money back. There is no penalty or blocking you from their store like AmiAmi and many others. People mention that they prefer Japan stores because they don’t have to pay up front. If you can’t cancel your order, what difference does it make when you pay? I would rather pay up front, not have a surprise bill later, and be able to cancel. I have received five figures from this store, as well as other merch, and I have zero complaints.
15 days ago
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