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  • 1★ - They will screw you on pre-orders. Don't trust them.
    I pre-ordered the "Love Live! Birthday Figure Rin Hoshizora 1/8 Scale" figure from them, and she was delayed twice for a total of 3-4 months while other stores were able to ship her out on time. The store ended up cancelling my pre-order, leaving me to buy her at the higher market price from other stores. Any further emails I've sent regarding the matter has been ignored.

    Do not buy from this store. If anything goes wrong with your order at all, they will not take responsibility. The promotions and discounts aren't worth it if you cannot get your product at all.
    7 years ago
  • 1★ - Rin Hoshizora Birthday Figure
    Order was delayed 2 months(I'm expecting another sorry email and 1 month delay)because they can't get their stock in check. Horrible customer service that lied about the order status then ignores further messages after. I'll never order there ever again and wouldn't even recommend their shop to anyone. Worst part is that I still have 2 more preorders from them.
    7 years ago
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