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4★ - Great Shop
Got a Sonico figure I've been looking for from here at a fantastic price, she looks brand new for pre owned. Packaging was great and I will be ordering from them more in the future
2 years ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you for kind words! Is there any thing we could do better to earn 5 stars instead of 4?
TifasTatas No ethics department here
4★ - Great Western Option
+ Fair shipping rates for western customers
+ Only western site with a wide selection of pre-owned figures. All in excellent condition at very reasonable prices.
+ Fantastic Website Design

- Very limited selection of NEW figures when compared to other western counterparts.

Overall a fantastic option for figure fans in the west! I hope they continue to grow!
6 years ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thanks for the feedback! We're definitely more limited in our selection of new figures since market is saturated with new figures vendors but if we keep growing, hopefully we'll be able to get low prices on new figures from our vendors and get more!
5★ - Do not pre-order here, you have been warned (Updated)
Pre-ordered an figure that the shop originally states it should be in stock on January 2022. Later on January I received email from them says the figure release date was delayed. However, the figure was already released in Japan on November 2021. So I waited a few months, they just delayed the release date from their shop all the time. When I was trying to contact them, they said their supplier got some logistics problem. I either give up my downpayment or I will have to wait whatever time they want me to wait. So I waited all the way till now on October 2022. Finally the figure arrived and I paid the full price. When I received the figure, I found the shipping box is totally destroyed and the figure package is also damaged. So please do yourself a favor, do not pre-order here.

Update: The shop owner contacted me and offered me partial refund for the damaged figure package. I think they are trying their best to fix this problem for me. So for this outstanding customer service, I think they deserve a better rating.
1 year ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Hello, we're really sorry to hear that the figure package was damaged! As figure collectors ourselves, we care a lot about everything we ship out and pack figures as best as we can. Even the best packing job may not be able to withstand how UPS treats the boxes in shipment. If you could send us a support ticket via our contact form, we'll see what we can do to help make it better.

In regards to pre-order cancellations, we've had to be strict on it lately due to a big increase on cancelled pre-orders. Unlike other giant stores like Big Bad Toy Store or Right Stuf, we're an extremely small shop. Other stores go bankrupt and close down because too many people cancelled pre-orders and left the store with too much inventory and an inability to pay for all those figures in time. Non-refundable deposits are the only way we can combat that problem. It's not fun when someone cancels $2000 of pre-orders in one go (and that's happened several times already).

In regards to figure delays, those figures are still stuck at the factories or a dock overseas waiting to be loaded and shipped. With covid wrecking supply chains, everything is taking much longer to get from China to the US. It's much quicker for Japan to get figures since China is so much closer. This is a universal truth for any US figure store. No matter where you order from in the US, all US stores (from Crunchyroll, Big Bad Toy Store, Right Stuf) are in the same boat and go through the same distributor. We have no say whatsoever on deliver dates from our distributor. We really wish we could speed up release dates but we have no power over it whatsoever. No store in the US does.
5★ - Selling Figures to Akiba Soul
I had some figures I purchased off web sites or wile in Japan between 2009 to 2012. I've had them in storage for four years and decided to sell them, I have no experience selling anything online and after a little searching Akiba Soul was a well recommended site. Akiba Soul made it insanely easy and was able to find 80% of my six year old figures by name alone. I worked with Martin who was a huge help and patient with my lack of experience in this area. In conclusion I was surprised how easy Akiba Soul made this process and highly recommend them to anyone who may have to sell any figures.
7 years ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you for your kind words!
5★ - Great shop and reasonable prices.
I bought a couple of pre-owned figures from Akiba Soul and both times they arrived perfectly. Figures was protected well with bubble wrap and paper. The condition of the figures was accurate as well.

The website is very easy to navigate and they process your order pretty quickly. I've received shipping confirmation and tracking number the same day I ordered. My figures came in within 2-3 days after ordering.

Overall, very satisfied. Highly recommend checking them out. I know I will.
6 years ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thanks for giving Akiba Soul a shot! We hope we can keep growing bigger and have a bigger selection of pre-owned figures!
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