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5★ - Amazing Store
Ordered a pre-owned figure and it was shipped out extremely quickly. It did come with a bit of damage that wasn’t disclosed (maybe due to shipping) however I was quickly given a partial refund. Reaching out to support was quick & easy.
Thank you <3
4 months ago
5★ - Solid
Love the flat-rate shipping and used figure selection. Great prices and solid packaging
4 months ago
5★ - Good customer service
Good customer service.
7 months ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
As we explained to you in full detail via email, your pre-order is secured and still on its way but our distributor, who is owned by Good Smile Company, has total control on when the figure arrives stateside for us to ship to you.

Literally every single store in the US is stuck waiting for pre-orders. This is completely out of our control and 100% because of our distributor and the global supply chain being affected by covid.

Due to covid, the entire world's shipping distribution has been delayed severely by a shortage of workers, ports, and containers. We don't have any way to speed this up so we have to wait along with every other figure store in the entire United States.

In regards to a refund, deposits for pre-orders are non-refundable. Even if we cancelled your pre-order, our distributor cannot cancel your pre-order so we're still on the hook to pay for the pre-order we placed specifically for you. We need that deposit to offset the cost when we receive your pre-order in and almost all the time have to sell it below our cost.
5★ - Excellent customer service.
Martin from AkibaSoul is the definition of excellent customer service.

Left a comment in the order, got an email back about 5 mins later addressing the issue, at 11 pm on a weekday. Ok, it wasn’t even really a issue. It was as just a passerby comment, wasn’t even looking for a response. To top it all off, I was given store credits for the next order.

Competitive prices and flat rate shipping also is a win for me.
8 months ago
5★ - Super friendly
Have asked several questions about products, and the owner is always quick and eager to reply and provide plenty of information and knowledge, truly marking akibasoul as an amazing and established name when it comes to buying pre-owned waifus.
11 months ago
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