Reviews Akiba Soul

5★ - Love this shop
I've lost count of orders I've made at this shop. I love love love the pre owned section and have found lots of gems there. They have a good rating system for figures that's similar to amiami so you know what to expect. One time I had a small box issue but I contacted them and they took care of me right away and left me happy. I also have ordered plenty of new figures from them as well as have a handful on PO right now. As all of us collectors SHOULD know and understand by now, the figure industry still suffers from supply chain issues and this affects US stores especially badly. I order from quite a few US shops and this is apparent at all of them. The reason I bring that up is to say that even though delays suck, I get an email from Akiba Soul every month if one of my POs is getting a release delay, which is more than I can say for some other shops. All in all I never hesitate to order here. They communicate very well, they're friendly, they treat us customers well, and from what I've seen they are also collectors too so you know you're buying from people that understand this crazy hobby.
11 months ago
5★ - Great Shop and Prices
Legit shop with fast shipping. Figure came as described and it even came with a cute "Thank You" card. I would highly recommend!
1 year ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you for your kind review!
5★ - Great experience
I bought a pre-owned figure from them a year or 2 ago and I had a great experience and the figure looked brand new.
1 year ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you so much for the kind words!
4★ - Great Shop
Got a Sonico figure I've been looking for from here at a fantastic price, she looks brand new for pre owned. Packaging was great and I will be ordering from them more in the future
1 year ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you for kind words! Is there any thing we could do better to earn 5 stars instead of 4?
5★ - Mature Audiences
I usually only go buy figures here for the cast-offs. They got some beautiful figures and I love their payment system.
2 years ago